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I was reading EzineArticles expert Dan Iverson‘s blog entry: Consequence: This Directory Suspended My Account. Not the Best Internet Marketing Strategies

His plight is a common one and I liked his transparency about his experience with us. Here is an excerpt from his detailed entry:

“Here is the only soap boxing I am going to do. Don’t buy into the crap, if you want to build a business online, bring and build value with all that you do, and you will make money and be around a long time. If you keep trying the short cuts, you will find a thing or two that works for a while, but you will have a week foundation, and it won’t last.”

YES! I agree… Always best to build a business with a strong long-term focus foundation…and I think most of our blog readers will agree with that.

I’m sure it was frustrating for Dan because at every turn it must have seemed like we put up road blocks. Many of these road blocks are there on purpose to filter out articles and members that uhm… don’t represent an ideal member (Example: Anyone who submits PLR (private label rights) content or rewrites PLR content is not an ideal author). I do like Dan’s persistence with us and the fact that he uploaded an author photo and extended bio (nice!).

To answer Dan’s question about whether his account has a mark on it… We obsessively attempt to track everything possible as it helps us build a trust profile for each member. Because human nature makes us all somewhat predictable, it’s rare when we’re able to see a member come from darkness into the light. It is possible and I hope Dan, you’ll be one of the rare few who ‘get it’.


Judith writes:

Another example of EzineArticles helping authors learn how to do things the right way; the effective way, the professional way!

As far as Dan’s experience, in my experience that is very common, but what sets Dan apart from the rest is he is hopefully willing to take heed and learn. That’s one of the main ingredients when it comes to online success.

We live in an arena and culture of “fast, cheap and easy” noise that is so prevalent that many times the only way folks learn the reality is through the school of hard knocks!

Keep on learning and evolving Dan — I can tell you have what it takes! Put your ego on the shelf and learn and do! Wishing you all the best!

At your service,

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Hi Chris!

This is a very interesting story.

Anyone can write good articles with good information if they read other articles, books, reports, etc. and simply rewrite everything they learn with their own words. In the end they can add their personal conclusion about everything and give a better shape to their document.

Then, since it will be original, they can develop several parts of their article and generate other articles.

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Dan Iverson writes:


Wow, I never expected you to notice. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all that I have learned from EzineArticles.com. I have purchased and gone through your course about 5 times, as well as several expert authors courses on this site. All of this information is helping me evolve and better understand how I can learn how to use my own perspective and provide something new and of value to the market place.
I would like to share a couple of the insights that I have learned since working with EzineArticles.com.

1. Article marketing can truly be a viable form of marketing. I did not think this for quite some time because I could not see how anyone would benefit from pushing out a bunch of content that had no real value: for example, if I change 6 words in each paragraph of an article, and 100 people do the same thing. I thought the Internet is just going to end up with millions of servers with unusable content that no one would or should care about. EzineArticles.com, through their approval process, creates a site where the content and the site both have real value. Suddenly, Article marketing makes real sense to me. The original opinion was a result of bad information like much of the hype and crap that is pushed out about Internet marketing.

2. Writing articles is a great way to really become an expert on a topic. Since I have made that post on my blog, I have continued to write and post articles on ezinearticle.com. If you look, I have just over 50 active articles posted on the site now. The majority of them have been on *Article Marketing.* One of the big reasons I have done this, is because it just made sense to me if I really wanted to become one of the top 5% of this field, one of the fastest ways to do this would be to write 100 articles on the topic. I know from my own life experience that if you want to become really good at something, then work really hard at doing it. I consider myself a novice on the topic, but I feel like I am off to a good start. There is not a week that goes by that I don’t add to my knowledge and insights about article marketing. As I learn these things, I reinforce them by writing articles about them. Who do you think benefits the most from this, the reader or the author?

3. One of my most recent insights to article marketing is how closely related article marketing, copy writing, and information marketing should be intertwined. I knew if I focused on becoming a premier author for EzineArticles.com that this would strengthen my credibility. What I did not know was how. I thought, boy that will look good to be able to say that in my profile, bio or resource box. What I have realized is that the value of what I am learning is increasing my credibility and my voice of authority. I now see that I can create information products from researching and restructuring and presenting in a way that adds value to those looking for that information. Then I can write copy, a sales letter, to explain what the product is, and what I did that may be of value to the person looking for that information: what makes it different, better, more useful, time saving. Then I can drive targeted traffic to that copy by writing article sharing pieces (pre-selling articles) of my content so people can get information they are looking for in small bites and know where they can go to get more depth, or the bigger picture (more valuable information).

These are just a few of the things that I have started to learn. I hope that others find this information useful. I hope I explained myself well. I have published over 50 articles on ezinearticle.com, and I am still not a premier author on the site. I mention that because I think by my not having achieved that yet has been a good thing. What would I have gained, if I would have been given a pass and made a premier author after my first 10 articles? By the way, on Chris’s advice, I have one layer of editing added to my articles before submission, my mom proofs them and sends back her corrections and suggestions. This gets my articles through on first submission almost every time. So, I just want to say thanks for helping me by upholding your standards. I am sure I would have missed this great opportunity if it had not been for you and your staff doing so.

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steve reynolds writes:

Dan i appreciate the perpestive you are bringing.

I recently got in EzineArticles and some days i feel like what am i going to write about

Comment provided March 26, 2008 at 8:25 PM


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