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EzineArticles expert author Bill Nadraszky of Calgary Alberta () wrote a blog entry that caught my attention (What I learned after I got 100,000 views on ezinearticles)

Here’s are some excerpts:

Headlines count for almost everything – ….On the articles as above where I actually use good keywords in the title I would get lots of traffic and still do get lots of traffic for those articles.

Clickthroughs have everything to do with the bio box – In the early days I would just say “Bill is passionate about fitness, to learn more visit his fitness blog at XXXXX” I got about a 1% bio box clickthrough on that but now the last paragraph of my article is actually in the bio box with a distinct call to action and the clickthroughs are around 15-20%. What a massive difference eh?

I struggled briefly whether to share Bill’s blog post with you today for many reasons, including the fact that I find it odd that he will share his wife and children’s name on his website, but finding his last name doesn’t exist (as if he wants to remain anonymous with his own website audience). Also, some of his articles in the blog encourages folks to up the keyword density of their articles (something we’re cracking down on as many unhappy-with-us SEO types are very well aware of), and he encourages public domain content as source material for articles (VERY BAD idea in our books).

So, despite the above, Bill has 165 articles listed with EzineArticles and his tips about the importance of a smart article TITLE are right on. In fact, I’d submit to you that you should forget about keyword density in the article body all together and just get the article title 40% keyword intelligent.



Chris – I have also found that titles mean everything. I have tested different titles for similar articles. The titles that have my keywords in the first three of four words of the title get 2 or 3 times as many views. I see so many people with titles that waste this precious piece of article real estate. They use titles that start with “The best way to…” or “How I learned about…”.
Bill is also correct about having a call to action in the resource box. If you don’t tell people what you want them to do, they just click away forever. And forget about keyword density; just write your article and the keywords will flow naturally.

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Judith writes:

I always chuckle when folks try and target “keyword density” percentages or numbers. The fact remains if you write about a subject that you know and are passionate about they “keywords” are naturally there.

I’ve always written from experience, knowledge and passion and honestly have never thought of keyword density in a single article I’ve ever written.

I agree that the title is key and I do put thought into what folks would be searching for or their dilemma when I create it but thats about it.

Write about what you know and love and the density will be not only there for search engines but for your your readers too! ;-)

At your service,

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Bill writes:

OK, thanks for linking to me there Chris I guess I really have to answer back to the comments that you make as they are really good questions to me.

First of all I do share my family a lot on my blogs although my wife would prefer that I was a bit more private with the kids names as our last name is very rare so what I seem to do is give first name lots and rarely put my last name out there, although in saying that my last name seems to come up 20,000 times in Google so I guess I am not very secretive.

As for keyword density, I tend to try to keep the density up so that Google and other search engines will have a better time understanding what I am writing about, this is good and bad as I tend to find that if the density goes above a certain threshold then the articles looks funny to be read. You guys have caught me on this one a few times with the articles that I post and when I reread the articles I can really see this as a problem with the article. Maybe in the future tagging will become more important then keyword density.

About the public domain content, I use some and often instead these days especially I will read something that I will think is interesting to my readers, and then make some notes on what I believe is important on the subject, I have my own views often that another writer may not agree with. After I have notes on a subject I will write my article.

One other problem with public domain work is that it is copied so much that I can find an articles that comes up 1000 times in Google, no one needs to read copys of what they have seen before

I know exactly what direction that you are going with some of the rules here at EzineArticles, No one wants to read crap and at the same time there is so much repetitive content on the internt that you have to protect this site from being a dumping place for links.

I like the fact that I get called on problems with my articles before they go up on the site because it makes my articles quality worth more instead of other article sites that let anything go up and never get read anyway.

Thanks for linking to me Chris and thanks for calling me on these issues

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Jan Verhoeff writes:

Keyword density in the title (even when they’re important) rock the boat too. I learned just yesterday that effective keyword management in the title means less than that 40% and the two words at the front probably fulfill that destiny.

I’ve noticed the more I focus on content, the more dense the keywords appear in a topic. SEO aside, the value of keywords is actually more for reader memory than for SEO. If you have a phrase that rocks your market, using it frequently becomes natural, and that phrase begins to appear frequently in your writing. It’s a passive method of branding that works. (Although, it red flags articles occasionally ;) so don’t over do it!)

Just sharing my education Chris! :)


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Patti McMann writes:

I write for the reader, and the keywords come naturally. Yes, I want traffic to my website, but I also want my readers to enjoy my articles, and that is who matters the most in anything that I write. Title does mean a lot, and I think carefully before I title my articles. The keywords for the abstract are the ones that I feel that people will type into Google when searching for the information that I have written. My feeling is that if you concentrate too much on keywords, you diminish the article itself.

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Hi Chris!

Thank you for the example to be followed! It is really encouraging and inspiring!

Many times I don’t work so hard with the title and I don’t have time to look for the best keywords! mainly because I have a good ranking without caring!

However, the competition is too high! We better pay attention to everything: write well and use the right keywords.
We can change a few words in the articles with synonyms that are more requested. When I have time I do that!

Now I’m going to find time to do that always, because it is really basic.

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Michael Searles writes:

Hi Chris & Others


100,000 page views! Mountains of experience.

All the sound advice that can only come from such a depth of trial and error.

I feel like my head is whirling like a coin spinning close to the edge of a bench top.

I am only two months down the track from registering my domain and getting the site up and running “live’.

I’m writing articles and posting blogs and reading (when I can) as much of the valuable advice from experienced people like the members at this blog.

Here’s my dilemma. The more I learn, the more I see how much I need to learn.

Can you save me from my inpatience and suggest a 30 day plan for the things a newbie like me should concentrate on when starting out with writing and submitting articles please.

My objective is to send readers to my site and blog.

Thank you.
Michael Searles

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Edward Weiss writes:

Well, all I have to say about SEO for articles is you never know what Google will do.

One day you can be in the top 10, the next … number 50 in the search results.

I’m beginning to wonder what the hell is going on there. They must adjust their algorhythm every other day to confuse people.

Use to love em. Now … my love is less and less.

Comment provided January 18, 2008 at 6:38 PM


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