Best EzineArticles Blog Posts of 2007

As the 2007 year brings us to a close, this is a great time to reflect on some blog stats and I’ll share with you my favorite blog entries of 2007:

  • 252 new blog entries (one new entry every 34 hours)
    • 1,049 total blog entries
  • 4,611 comments were posted (one new blog comment every ~2 hours)
    • 8,158 total comments posted by 1,632 unique human commentors
  • 478,512 total page views this year (up from 153,000 last year)
  • 1,766 users casted 7,186 votes (up from 746 users casting 2,990 votes last year)

Chris Knight’s Favorite 2007 Blog Entries: – This was tough as I re-scanned all of this years blog entries looking for posts that summarize key lessons and points that I think are most important to help you succeed in article writing and marketing.

New EzineArticles Features in 2007 That Were Pretty Cool:

Thoughts Directed Towards Internet Marketing Warriors That Might Be A Little Too Efficient:

The Top 9 10 Most Commented Posts of All Time:

  1. Just an Author or The Authority? – 166 comments
  2. New 10 Point Blog Comment Policy – 157 comments
  3. Dense Writing Does Not Get Read – 88 comments
  4. The Slippery Slope of Article Rewriting – 85 comments
  5. Writers vs. Marketers – Who Should Win? – 85 comments
  6. Your First 10 Articles – 79 comments
  7. Landing Page Quality Scoring – 66 comments
  8. New Membership Levels Proposed – 66 comments
  9. Emotional Attachment to Your Articles – 64 comments

The Top 10 Most Viewed Posts of All Time:

  1. Add EzineArticles Search To Your Browser (7,908 Views)
  2. Your First 10 Articles (7,380 Views)
  3. Blog Comment Policy (2,651 Views)
  4. The I Love Article Template (2,647 Views)
  5. Behind The EzineArticles Scenes (2,151 Views)
  6. 2000 Bloggers Thanks To Tino Buntic (1,946 Views)
  7. The Pros and Cons Article Template (1,907 Views)
  8. My Cash Content Formula Replay (1,779 Views)
  9. No One Evaluates Life Like You Do (1,727 Views)
  10. Just an Author or The Authority? (1,711 Views)


Which lesson, concept or post was your favorite this year?


Alex Marlin writes:

I have to honestly give you props on this one. As time went by I used to always sit and think about the top articles that were posted on…

As an author for this article directory, which I must admit is my favorite place to research new articles and get ideas for my next project, I often look for top articles.

With this option, I can honestly see what articles rank highly and get the most views, and also get ideas that will help me improve my article writing skills as well.

Nice job,

Alexander Marlin

Comment provided December 27, 2007 at 2:12 PM


Vishnu Murthy writes:

” Your First 10 Articles” post is seriously making me to think why I am not writing much! I had to confess upon myself on this issue. Even though I write info-product ebooks, I procrastinate on writing articles. is the first one I ventured to write articles. So far as is said in “Your first…” post I haven’t got platinum writer status. Whats holding me? Now is the serious time to think over that.

At least, I am making a resolution for 2008 to write 1 article per week in

I also liked other lessons and posts. But this blog entry was an eye-opener for my writing career.

Thank you very much Christopher Knight. I look forward for more of compelling blog posts from you. I also wish you a very happy and prosperous, dynamic new year – 2008.

Keep up your good work.

Vishnu Murthy

Comment provided December 30, 2007 at 1:15 AM


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