Your Best Article of 2007? Contest

Which article of your EzineArticles was your favorite for 2007?

Which one yielded you the most results in terms of traffic, quality leads, sales, or opportunity and why?

Who will go first? Yes people, this is your chance to self-promote your favorite article posted on!

Best answer wins a $70 USD iPod Shuffle delivered to your doorstep. Winner will be determined by our editorial team and announced at 9am CST Wednesday Jan 2nd. The decision by our editors will be final. Amazon will be where the prize will be shipped from. Deadline for blog comment submissions is 6am CST January 2nd, 2008.

OPTIONAL: You are also welcome to leave us a voice testimonial to tell your story about your favorite or most effective article as posted on by calling toll-free +1 800-609-9006 x4623 or International callers: +1 678-255-2174 x4623. We’ll do our best to upload your voice submissions into your blog comments before our editorial team makes their selection.

Do We Leave The 20 Percent?

As we contemplate all of the improvements we want to make to the EzineArticles membership interface in 2008, a huge majority of the features requires AJAX features that would significantly add a lot of value to 80% of our users who have javascript enabled…at the expense of the minority of members who don’t have it enabled.

Essentially, our interface has been dumbed down to the lowest common tools to be usable by the widest audience possible. If we were a brand new site without any legacy concerns (like supporting odd browsers or users without javascript enabled), we’d make the decision to leave them behind and only focus on a membership base that uses ‘current’ tools.

Your thoughts? We’re all about usability but we’re at odds with not being able to take the next leap with AJAX functionality knowing that it’ll essentially break the user interface for ‘old’ members who have javascript disabled.

One solution: Detect if a user has javascript turned on; if so, feed them the AJAX improved interface; if not, feed them the current interface as it is now. The problem: There is a 1-2% of users that may be using browser plug ins or other mysterious things that will cause us to wrongly identify their javascriptness or lack thereof.

What to do?

Jeff’s Best Article of 2007

EzineArticles Expert Author Jeff Herring gets it:

“Here is what I know –

If I want more traffic, I write more articles.

If I want more prospects, I write more articles.

If I want to build my list, I write more articles.

If I want more subscribers, I write more articles.

If I want more customers, I write more articles.

I think you get the point. If you want to raise any of your important numbers, write more great quality articles.”

Read this: Article Marketing Secrets – The Greater Your Article Volume, The Greater All Your Other Numbers Will Be

Best EzineArticles Blog Posts of 2007

As the 2007 year brings us to a close, this is a great time to reflect on some blog stats and I’ll share with you my favorite blog entries of 2007:

  • 252 new blog entries (one new entry every 34 hours)
  • 1,049 total blog entries
  • 4,611 comments were posted (one new blog comment every ~2 hours)
    • 8,158 total comments posted by 1,632 unique human commentors
  • 478,512 total page views this year (up from 153,000 last year)
  • 1,766 users casted 7,186 votes (up from 746 users casting 2,990 votes last year)
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    Article Summary Process Change

    Your Article Summary is an important component to the amount of traffic that we’re able to attract to your quality original content.

    The #1 mistake made by our members when writing their article summary is that they make it only (1) single sentence when we’re seeking 3-5 sentences with no blatant self promotion included and no repeating of the article title.

    In fact, “Article Summary Violation” is was our single highest quality control problem status internally… so we’ve turned to a new automation routine that works like this:

    • If your article summary is less than our 3 sentence minimum, we will auto replace your article summary with the first 3 sentences from your article body.
    • If your first (3) sentences exceeds 100 words, we will cut the last sentence off at 100 words and add: “…”
    • If you include your URL or your name in the article summary, the submission will be rejected before you’re able to submit it to us for review.

    So, in conclusion: If you want to keep control over what’s included in your article summary, make sure it’s 3 sentences long or less than 100 words; and don’t include your name or URL. Your article summary is important because it’s the teaser we include when/if your article lands on our home page and all RSS feeds use the article summary to entice readers to click to read your article. Make sense?

    Nice Job Cataunya Ransom

    EzineArticles Expert Author Cataunya Ransom recently sent out a press release:

    Public relations expert reveals how writing articles about business public relations put her in top ten PR business authors in less than four months.

    Cataunya is a great example of an ideal EzineArticles expert author because she is a genuine expert who writes easy to digest quality original articles designed to appeal to her target audience.

    CR Cataunya Ransom is the Co-founder of Mosnar Communications, Inc and she developed a niche for Luxury PR & Global Marketing. Highly respected as a luxury public relations expert, “CR” consults clients and speaks to audiences about luxury public relations and global marketing practices.

    Currently the “underdog” at position (10) in our top 10 PR expert authors by volume.

    Happy Holidays from

    On behalf of the team behind-the-scenes at, we wish you, your business, your website traffic abundance and your family the best life and the Internet has to offer!

    EzineArticles Team
    This photo was taken in our new Editorial Team office on Dec 7th and we’ve hired (3) more newbies since…welcoming all new EzineArticles Team Members and to all a good night.
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    Holiday Editorial Hours

    The EzineArticles office is closed for the holidays till Wednesday morning Dec 26th…so it may take us some time to respond to emails and review submissions.

    EzineArticles Ornament

    Casey, one of our Member Support Specialists, made the above ornament by hand. Ahh, she’s creative. It’s one of the things I love about many of our team members (creativity gene) :). Happy Holidays to you and your family!

    3 Tips, 4 Rules, 5 Things To Absolutely Know

    Today’s Article Writing Tip:

    If you are going to use an article title that includes the promise of a numbered list of things, then be darn well sure you provide the numbered list!

    Do not put pressure on your reader to have to dig through your words to find the 3 gems, 4 rules, or 5 things. Instead, created a numbered list using either HTML code, or instead just a 1), 2), 3) along with your respective tips.

    Make sense?

    The Model

    I was sketching this yesterday during a meeting with an outsider trying to explain how the basic model works and thought I’d put my sketch into an image:
    EzineArticles model

    Essentially the Expert Authors are at the top of the model because the Platform means nothing (our role) if the quality of the content isn’t there. Users are in red because they fuel the opportunity by providing the expert authors with qualified traffic, exposure and interest while also fueling the ‘supply’ side of the ad inventory for the Advertisers while also making the service we provide to the Expert Authors for free. The Publishers are in Yellow because so few of them deserve our respect, yet the quality minority of the true Ezine Publishers do provide significant syndication value to our members.

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