10×10 Brick Article Submission Strategy

I’d like you to consider writing articles in 10×10 bricks and then submitting only the first brick from each lot per submission date.

Example: Within your area of expertise, select 10 sub-topics that you’re going to write about and write 10 articles in each. Then, for the next 10 days, select the first article in each sub-topic and submit 10 articles per day (1 from each sub-topic within your area of expertise).

We’re starting to see a trend where an author will submit 2-10 articles from one sub-topic of their niche and when we promote their articles in our permission-based email alerts and RSS feeds, they lose credibility because it appears they are spamming our members with what appears to be similar content…even though it’s all unique content, it’s all very focused on a narrowly themed niche.

You can modify this strategy to write and submit articles in 5×5 or 3×3 bricks, etc. The idea is to spread out your submissions so that highly related content is not focused on a single submission date.

Referring To Yourself In 3rd Person

Here’s an article writing mistake to never make in your article body/content: Never refer to yourself in the 3rd person.

Seems like such an obvious ‘no no’ yet we see it every week here. I think I know why it happens…as it usually immediately tells us that the article was not written by the writer him or herself and that it was probably written by a press release writer or marketing copy writer who doesn’t fully understand that the point of the article body is to “GIVE” and share information rather than postulate or grandstanding your greatness.

Related stat: Of the ~20% of articles we aren’t able to accept, 6.6% of them are due to the fact that they are either press releases or the article reads like a press release. When an article looks like an article but feels like a press release, the first thing we look for is whether the author refers to him or herself in the 3rd person? If so, it’s gotta be a press release.

New Feature Code-Named Rake

I love it when our team whips out new features and today’s newest feature is an improvement to the EzineArticles new article email alerts service:

Later this morning when the 435 new article alerts get delivered as usual, at the bottom of the listing of new articles will be the top 20 articles that were added in each category (1) year ago today. If there weren’t 20 new articles added a year ago today for each category, then it’ll serve up whatever number was added a year ago today.

What is “Rake”? The idea is to leverage the 20 links in an ezine principle that states that ezines with 20 links or more get more click throughs than ezines without 20 links while delivering our subscribers with access to articles they most likely have never seen before. TV shows do it all the time, it’s called a re-run. :) If you’ve never seen the article before, it’s new to you.

In addition, we’ve added a rule on this that I call “Clean Rake” because we’re auto-generating last years top up to 20 articles based on the category they are in right now rather than the category they were in when originally approved. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but many of our newbie editors don’t always get the category right the first time and within 6-72 hours or so after an article is approved the first time, our QC team will catch it and re-classify the article appropriately. That means in a year from now when today’s newest articles get promoted a 2nd time (assumes this new feature is a success), they’ll be promoted in the correct category.

90 Days For Most Viewed and Most Published

We’ve listened to your feedback and we’ve changed our rule for the MOST VIEWED and MOST PUBLISHED articles in each category from ALL TIME to only the last 90 days.

The effect this will have is that you’ll see a much higher turnover of the most recently popular articles vs. articles that are most popular over their entire life.

YouTube is a perfect example of this where the MOST VIEWED videos of all time offer very little value compared to the Most Viewed videos recently. Hope you like the change and we’re always open to your feedback. :-)

3 Things- Affiliate Links, DeBrule Do, Cote d’Ivoire

Thanks to GoogleAlerts we’re able to attempt to keep up on the chatter in the marketplace about various things… and I came across a blog entry today by Matthew James of the UK: Are You a Workhorse or a Bum? Part 2 — Essentially, he said, “This is because EzineArticles particularly doesn’t like straight affiliate links.”

No, that’s not true. We reject articles with affiliate links for two primary reasons:

  1. Because our users/readership base is better served by real experts rather than people pitching the experts.
  2. Over 90% of affiliates submit non-exclusive rights content and we don’t accept non-exclusive rights content… meaning, every article submitted should only be able to be found elsewhere under the same name as the one submitted with the article.

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Saturday Morning Mini Podcast

Hi… Thought I’d share what’s on my mind this week in a 15 minute EzineArticles blog mini-podcast.

Talking points: Life is too short to work with people you don’t enjoy; What my Passion Talk process is about; Our team did a great job closing this week off; 27 new categories; and here’s the article I’m reading right now: Maintaining an Anabolic State Through Awareness of the Effect of Insulin, Glucagon, and Glucose

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27 New Niche Categories

It’s “NEW CATEGORIES” day where we add new niche topics that were requested by members over the past quarter. This time, in addition to sharing what type of content is perfect for each new category, when applicable, we’ll also identify what shouldn’t be in that category.

Here they are:

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iPhone Review

I finally broke down and bought an iPhone… had to see what the buzz was about. Here’s my review of it and how I envision that our members could use an iPhone to do basic tasks with EzineArticles.com.

First, a review of the basics of the iPhone: It’s a very useful version 1.0 device, especially when you’re in a WiFi area as it will use the WiFi instead of the slower AT&T Edge network for access.

What it lacks: A lot. It’s not designed for business…and I bet their next gen version will be much more business savvy in terms of its power. It lacks an easy way to install applications, lacks cellular carrier options (AT&T sucked for me this weekend when their techies are playing when they should be monitoring their network for uptime/availability), lacks ability to arrange the home page the way you want it, lacks compatibility with many iPod devices (Bose’s SoundDock for example), lacks a quality speaker, missing a basic IM client for Instant Messaging on any platform, it doesn’t have walkie/talkie or direct connect Nextel type functions; it can’t record video, doesn’t support flash yet, they forgot to tell you that you’ll need to buy an adapter to plug in regular headphones, you can’t use your songs for ringtones and you can’t buy iTunes songs from it yet.

What rocks about it: It’s insanely easy to use. When you’re on WiFi, it’s fast enough to be acceptable. It’s always on and requires no boot time so for that late night ‘look something up’ when your PC is shut down, it’s a great alternative. The 2 mega pixel camera takes pretty good photos. The built in iPod is neat. Most of all is the web access from anywhere you can get either WiFi or AT&T’s Edge network. This has transformed my day between office to home runs or when I just need a quick access to info for something… or when shopping at Best Buy yesterday I realized I could save $40 by buying the same thing I was looking at from Amazon.com.

How I can see EzineArticles Members using an iPhone: You can log into your account and see if your pending articles are approved/reviewed yet, you can comment on blog (several of my recent blog comments were done via the iPhone while on the road) or article entries, you can email us for member support or reply to an EzineArticles Inbox email, or you can just check your stats.

Summary: This is a device that has already changed the mobile Internet experience & expectations of what’s possible. Even with all of its ‘lack’…it’s a very useful version 1.0 device. If you’ve got an iPhone, I’d love to hear about how we can make your EzineArticles.com experience better on the iPhone?

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The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch

Donny Deutsch - The Big Idea Ok, step back from the keyboard and take a break from article writing just for a moment. Tonight, I’m recommending that you Tivo, record or watch one of my favorite TV shows produced by Donny Deutsch called “The Big Idea.”

His show is aimed at an American audience and he bills his hour show as “Your Roadmap To The American Dream.” You don’t have to be an American to appreciate it, but you do need access to CNBC to be able to watch it. They do provide some short video clips on the website worth watching.

Why am I sharing this with you? Most of our members are entrepreneurs and his shows is speaking directly to you… Enjoy :)

Also, Donny’s business motivation book is called: “Often Wrong, Never in Doubt

How To Report A BlogSpot Content Thief

If you find your content mis-appropriated by a Google Blogger or Google BlogSpot splogger (spam blogger), the traditional way is to FLAG the blog as suspect. Look for the “Flag Blog” option in the upper left corner usually.

Unfortunately, many sploggers hide the flag option with devious code…so you can’t report it as suspect. How frustrating, eh?

Here’s the solution: Help Google’s Blogger and BlogSpot Service To Run Spam-Free

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