Resource Box Rule Number One

Article Writing & Marketing School Is In Session:

If you are proud of the article you just wrote, then put your NAME as the first item in your Resource Box.

Failing to put your name in your Resource Box tells us and your reader that you are ashamed of your content or perhaps you didn’t really write it in the first place.

The first sentence of your Resource Box must be your name, your title (optional), followed by your benefit-driven unique selling proposition (answering the question, what’s in it for the reader to know more about you or want what you have to offer beyond the article of yours they just read?).

New Feature- Most Published Articles

Late last night we introduced a new feature site-wide that provides the top 15 articles in all 407 of our categories that were published… meaning, someone clicked on the EzinePublisher link to syndicate the content.

Where to find this new feature: Look at any article and scroll down to middle-bottom. You’ll find a list of recent articles, the most viewed articles, and then the most published articles.

Example: In our Weight-Loss category, this is the most viewed article: “20 Ways To Lose Weight” …and this is our most published article: “A Negative Calorie Food List.”

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Using EzineArticles To Identify Ebook Possibilities

Interesting article from EzineArticles Expert Author Jan Verhoeff that I just came across with a premise that on High Interest Article Titles Evolve Into Marketable Ebooks

One thing that drives me crazy is that I see so many of our members send in article titles that fall significantly short of the length they should be in to generate maximum exposure results. If you want your articles to reach “high interest” status, in most cases this means expanding the length of your article title by 30-45% more. You have very little to lose by testing what I know to be true in the majority of cases.

Video by Joel Comm

EzineArticles Expert Author Joel Comm produced a hip video to answer the question: What Article Site Should I Submit My Articles To?

EzineArticles Demographics and Psychographics

Dear Marketplace:

Help recommend which demographic (common characteristics of a population segmentation, such as age, sex, gender, income, education, family size, geography, marital status, social class, etc.) and psychographics (attitudes and personality characteristics, lifestyle, values and sociological characteristics) tools we should consider using to identify the profile of an average visitor to

End goal is to better understand who our visitors are and what they have in common and why they visit. This information will help us determine which features & tools to introduce and we’ll be able to provide better anonymous data to our advertisers who help keep our service free to members.

A few 3rd parties have tried to remotely guess our profile visitor: Quantcast’s EzineArticles profile, Alexa’s EzineArticles profile, anyone else we should look at?

Sharp Brains – Author Spotlight

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know I’m into fitness things (racquetball, run, bike, swim, soccer, etc) and along comes SharpBrains CEO & EzineArticles Expert Author Alvaro Fernandez… introducing his unique “brain fitness” articles.

Here’s what caught our attention to Alvaro Fernandez:

1) He produced a beautiful page on his website to showcase his EzineArticles (makes it easy for his audience to find his expertise) and he even highlighted his unique EzineArticles Expert Author RSS feed. Nice!

2) He promoted his unique EzineArticles via a custom press release that achieved incredible distribution including Forbes!

The only improvement suggestion I gave Alvaro is to expand his article title length by 35-40%; but his article word count (575-800) is spot on, Resource Box is easy to quickly understand, and he further expanded his credibility by having an author photo and extended author bio uploaded. Way to go. :)

Emotional Attachment to Your Articles

5 Reasons Why Detachment Frees Your Mind… or How to emotionally detach from your article inventory:

Your articles are tools for you. The moment you become emotionally free from them, you’ll have a new perspective that allows you to see them as business tools rather than adjectives that describe your soul.

Most authors have an easy ability to connect with their content… but I’ve noticed that the 80% of authors who produce less than 10 articles are often the authors with an increased emotional attachment to their articles to the point that it becomes a block or obstacle that prevents them from entering the minority of expert authors who produce more than 10 articles.

Why emotional-detachment from your articles benefits you:

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EzineArticles Delivers Millions of Visitors To Member Websites

June 8th we started on an ambitious project to provide URL Click Tracking reports for our members. July 13th we finally revealed this new feature to our members so they could see the tangible traffic that their articles receive.

Get this: In the last 20 days, we delivered 1,064,285 outbound clicks via URL’s that were in your resource boxes!

To get your share of the EzineArticles traffic referral pie, all you have to do is send in more quality, unique and original articles that meet or exceed our posted editorial guidelines. :)

Content Your Readers Have Not Seen Yet Is New To Them

Are you aware of the phenomena in business where management decides that getting new customer is more important than retaining existing ones…even in the face of how absurd that is considering it costs significantly less to acquire future repeat sales from existing clients vs. acquiring new clients!?!

Think about your current article writing & marketing strategies and ask yourself:

“Have I fallen in the trap of producing new content (most time-expensive type of content to produce) when in fact I have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of articles already not being used from prior years email newsletters, archives, old ebooks, or any content that could be easily re-purposed?”

Article Submission To Do List:

  1. Spend the next 10 days reviewing your existing content since the day you started writing articles of any kind.
  2. Categorize them into “can re-use” vs. “continue to ignore for now.”
  3. Setup a plan to either edit them yourself or have an editor on your team prep the content into 400-1000 word chunks.
  4. Submit by the tens of articles… creating time-leverage and greater impact without producing new content.

Content that you already own that is not leveraged is like leaving traffic on the table that should be surfing your website for many years to come…

Multiple Resources Boxes for Each Area of Expertise

Audrey in a previous blog comment said:

“…when authors write on more than one topic. What do you suggest for resource boxes? I use all 3 of my preset ones that ezine articles offers. They are all similar but they have a different first line depending on the topic I’m writing about.”

We had only created 3 resource boxes because we assumed that most authors would have 3 resource boxes for each pen/author name, per the recommendation in this article: (Authors With Multiple Brands (or Expertises))

It’s great that you want to have a default resource box for every area of expertise that you write articles about… Within our system, the best way is to create an alternate author name for each major area of expertise and then you’ll have 3 resource box templates you can use for each pen or author name variation (Christopher Knight vs. Chris Knight are two variations of the same person and I could have (3) separate resource boxes setup for each author name).

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