Sunday Update

Quite a few small enhancements went into the site this past week:

  • Your Article Reports now include Article ID (many large quantity article members requested this feature) and it’s also included in the CSV reports you can export.
  • EzineArticles Privacy Policy is getting updated and we expect to further update it this month to increase transparency in the data that we collect and how we intend to use it. User & Member trust is very important and once it’s finalized, we’ll send an update to all members along with a public announcement.
  • Editorial Guidelines Updated – (4) sections received a little extra clarification.
  • Sub-Category Alphabetization occurred to make finding your sub-category of interest, faster.
  • About was updated to further share how we view this project and our priorities.

And a question from Coach Dan via AskChristopherKnight about the EzineArticles daily email alerts:

I have a question about the email alerts for each category. I wonder if you have any stats on how many people use these? I’m signed up to the categories I submit to and it helps me keep in touch with what others are doing. I was wondering if there’s a benefit to staggering article submissions to appear more often in the email alerts?

For example, if I wrote 10 articles on a weekend, is it more beneficial to then submit 2 a day for the next 5 days so I appear repeatedly in the email alerts, or just submit the whole lot as soon as they’re written, as I do now? Obviously psychologically it’ll APPEAR as if I’m writing more if I stagger the submissions, rather than dump 10 down in one go, then have none for 5 days.

Easy question and I wish I could give you an easy answer… Here are the issues:

The Booster Rocket argument is aligned with your thoughts about wanting to stagger your article submissions to get continuous exposure boosts, (be sure to read what can happen to your account if you abuse the booster rocket in this entry: (Is There A Life To An Article).

Our own stats and experience would argue that you get more net exposure/traffic if you do the big dump rather than spreading out articles you’ve already prepared for submission.

Just like it’s good to advertise every month, we believe (with a bias) that you should write/submit articles every month if you want to build your traffic levels. :-)


Lance Winslow writes:

It seems that a Ezine specializing in such a topic would download all of them now to use for later and even plan and map out their own strategy based on the new content they have in hand, rather than second guessing the bush.

Secondly, when I dump lots of articles in one category, generally from writing an eBook which might be 100,000 plus words that if I post all the articles at once, I find entire websites pop-up with 20-30 of my articles. Apparently the dumping all at once prompts them to complete a website they are working on or prompts them to upgrade one they had done little with in the recent previous time periods? Those are some thoughts, I suppose which supports Chris’s comments and data, although I have indeed had this exact same thought prior myself, so I am glad to explain how I have come to observe and understand this issue.

Comment provided June 3, 2007 at 6:03 PM


Dan Goodwin writes:

Thanks Chris for your response to this.

I think I’ll continue as I do now, just submit them soon as they’re written and ready to go.

Lance, interesting experiences about having sites take many articles at once, and complete websites popping up built just of your articles. What an honour!

There are very few (if ANY?) article writers of your experience so it’s always good to get your viewpoint,

I think also, something I forget is however long you’ve been writing articles, there are always new people arriving at the point of needing to hear exactly the things your article says to them, as well as your long term, regular readers.


Comment provided June 4, 2007 at 12:14 PM


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