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We’ve been talking about the Dangers of Geo-Writing Efficiency — meaning, to encourage authors who write articles that are localized, to do so in a way that has integrity.

Today, I’ve got another example of what not to do to share:

Don’t create 50 articles about how to find a lawyer in every MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) where the body of the article is nearly identical with nothing unique added about the localized area being presented.

Our software had squashed this practice by rejecting near duplicate content submissions, but authors got more creative and bought article rewriting packages that allowed their articles to slip through our system… until now as we’ve rewritten the software again to combat this practice.

As a guideline for those who write localized or geo-targeted articles, 90-97% of your article body must be unique content not found elsewhere.


Lance Winslow writes:

This makes a lot of sense. One kind of “Geo-Target” articles I like are those about Travel, Museums and history of cities, as each city or town or area has its own unique feel. A good writer can put that into words. Here is a good example of a writer I recently came across with many articles about Museums. http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=James_Hyde . Read 5 or 6 of these well-written articles and you will learn some great new skills for “Geo-based” articles.

If someone is trying to write articles to specifically target a region for key words such as ‚¬“Estate Lawyers in NY‚¬ then when they do Boston, Chicago, Philly, LA, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Denver, Dallas, Seattle, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Portland, Salt Lake City, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, etc. there articles all start looking the same and then it just pretty much shows they are SEO writers only, could care less about the subject or topic and takes away from Online Article Writing. There are always things that make areas unique and there are always new, innovative ways to be creative and fun. Please people do not ruin it for us.

Put a little extra thought into it and do it right, it will show and it impresses readers and keeps the venue of online article writing at a much higher level. Think on it.

Comment provided June 14, 2007 at 12:24 AM


Allen Taylor writes:

This is an important topic and one that will grow in importance as the Net gets more populated. One area that will need more attention is article marketing for local businesses. Franchises and single-entity small businesses have different issues, but both can benefit from localized article marketing.

Comment provided June 21, 2007 at 8:49 AM


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