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EzineArticles Expert Author Joan Stewart (AKA the Publicity Hound) wrote this excellent article about 2 years ago, and yet it’s still brilliant today: How to Write Headlines for How-to Articles

The only strategy that I’d add to her excellent headline list is to make sure you expand the length of your article title. This provides more hooks to capture more attention from potential readers and makes it easier for readers to know what your article will be about should they only see your article headline by itself (in an RSS reader for example).



Thanks for the post.

One other element that I just learned can help an article get read is to put something controversial in the Headline. Just look at the front page of any newspaper. It’s going to be packed with controversial subjects that will push many people’s buttons.

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Andrea Goodsaid writes:

Hi Chris –

Something else that I find people can be attracted to is alliteration. Especially handy for remembering newsletter titiles.

Make it a great day!


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Edward Weiss writes:

Great article Joan! One thing you can never have enough of (for article marketers anyway) are ideas for headlines.

I’ll be using a few of these in the near future. :)

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I might actually feel guilty if I “lifted” Joan’s headline templates. I know – that’s what they’re supposed to be for, but well, if you’re a copywriter aren’t you expected to think up your own? :)

What I DO get from Joan’s advice is that you can easily create a list of YOUR OWN headline templates to pick and choose in a pinch, as needed.

So thanks, Joan. I’m a big fan of streamlining things. And besides – I just clicked the link in your newsletter featuring Toilet Paper Brides, and am once again reminded of what a cool lady you are.

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Lance Winslow writes:

This is a very important topic for online article authors, don’t “YOU” who is reading this think so? What do “YOU” think, what kind of “HOW TO” headline grabs you>

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Zack writes:

Thanks Joan for this great article :) This will really helps alot of people who want to create good and attractive headlines which includes me. A very useful article :)

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Stephen Wang writes:

Thanks Joan for your great tips.


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