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Many of the EzineArticles expert authors put *only* anchored text links in their resource box… perhaps naively because they don’t consider that a TEXT-based email newsletter publisher won’t be able to include the HTML required to make their anchored text link work. Hint hint… Include a valid http:// URL as your first objective and only then should you consider an anchored text link.

Thanks to a member suggestion, we’ve enhanced the PLAIN TEXT VERSION of what we call the EzinePublisher view (example) to include in brackets the URL included in anchored text links. Not sure why we didn’t think of this sooner…but at least all members will benefit from this forward. This means email newsletter publishers who have ASCII TEXT newsletters will now be able to give you link credit rather than having to figure out how to give you a link credit if you only included anchored text links in your resource box.

One note: If a member anchored up some text and then they followed it up with the same URL in valid form (http://), we will not display it twice in the PLAIN TEXT VIEW.


Shafir Ahmad writes:


This is a wonderful addition, and will help us immensely. So far, the idea of putting clickable text links has been appealing, but when the links are not going into an ezine, it has been very disheartening.

This is a great improvement.

Shafir Ahmad

Comment provided June 26, 2007 at 4:15 AM


Ellen Zhou writes:

I saw in my article list,, 1 or 2 was noted under the EzinePublisher. I just want to know does EzinePublisher mean? Thank you.

Comment provided April 9, 2011 at 4:40 AM


The EzinePublisher stat shows how many times a human clicked on the EzinePublisher view of your article which indicates an interest to republish it.


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