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Ed writes:

First of all how do you write Articles? Second is how do you start writing articles in your mindset?

Chris Knight responds: Invest a night of reading a few hundred articles in the Writing Articles or Article Marketing category to discover many different views about how to write articles. Next, the mindset of an article writer will become evident to you when know have an article writing plan and know why you’re working the plan (ie: What’s your end outcome?).

Rose Marie asks:

If I write an article and submit it to, can I also use the article on my website or is that considered “duplicate content”?

Chris Knight responds: We require that any article you submit to EzineArticles be an original article that you wrote and have an exclusive right to the article (meaning we won’t find the same article anywhere else on the net under someone else’s name) but the article does not have to be exclusive to us. Many members have told us they do all kinds of tests and we hear pretty consistently that it does and doesn’t matter if you do what you propose. Many experts on this issue have been encouraging others to have one set of unique content on your website and another set of unique content for your article syndication activities. Also, see this blog entry: Web Content Mix Strategy

Ted asks:

What is more important for article submissions – keyword optimization or compelling narrative?

Chris Knight responds: Compelling narrative with a subtle level of keyword intelligence is best. Most people over do the SEO thing and we recommend that you focus on writing for your ideal reader.

M asks:

I wonder to know if in short essays citation is essential or not?

Chris Knight responds: For the typical article found on our site and due to the syndication nature of how EzineArticles works, we recommend that you don’t use 3rd party sources for any of your content even if you have a fair use doctrine claim to the right to do it. Life becomes very complicated when your cited source complains. Therefore, citation is not necessary because we recommend that you don’t include works from others in your articles.



Recently, Google expanded the details of their Webmaster guidelines and duplicate content was one of the areas they added information about. Here is the link to the page about duplicate content:

For more info on other guidelines they updated, you can read this:

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manisha writes:

I liked this blog and e-zine site a lot. I stumbled upon it through Google and immediately wrote about it on my blog. I would like to add link to your blog too, its so informative. I might later on join in and write a bit for e-zine too. thanks a lot chris.

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Hi Chris, thank you for the helpful comments, here are some ideas I had:

‚¬ Keep writing every day from every angle.

‚¬ Start looking to relate to a wide rage of classifications

‚¬ Read the news and give your angle on what is current

‚¬ Write from your heart with passion.

Thank you for your blog I love its content.


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Hi Chris and everyone! I’d like to give my contribution concerning article writing and the questions presented here.

Article writing is an art and also a way to promote your business. You have to have in mind what you want to achieve with your articles. Make people trust you? Make people buy your products? This is the way you have to think when you start writing. You have to have a plan, not just write what you want. Take notes when you have good ideas that can generate articles and try to write about the subjects that interest your readers. You can test the results of your words when you see which articles are preferred, which ones people despise, etc. You have to use keywords in your titles that will attract the best ranking results and your readers’ attention, but don’t care about the keywords when you write your articles, only about their content.

Your articles at the Ezine are also exposed at your site if you add them there. I write my best articles for the Ezine, my site, Google and many other sites that copy them from here. This way I can promote my work everywhere, help people and sell my ebooks, since people will see my work directly, reading my articles. You don’t have to worry about massive exposition. Write the best articles you can and just send them to this Ezine. Google and many other sites will borrow them from here. You only have to do your best and give real information and real help in your articles. This way they won’t be a collection of empty words, but useful words that people will keep in their minds.

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Lance Winslow writes:

This is very smart advice;

“Chris Knight responds: Invest a night of reading a few hundred articles”

Good call, if you are new to this venue you should definitely do this. If you have been writing articles for a while you still might get some fantabulous ideas by doing this

Comment provided June 11, 2007 at 7:17 PM



You just take a piece of paper and write what you are interested and then do a little bit of research on Internet and then mixed both together, you will get plenty of articles over the time and some time a brand new book. If you don’t believe me, just click my name.

Comment provided June 12, 2007 at 9:03 AM


Lance Winslow writes:

Rajkumar, Yes well I suppose one could do that, although if you are holding yourself out to be an authority on the subject, unless you have “Savant” tendencies then simply reading a few articles and making your own is more “compiling” that any sort of authority and expert.

Why not just write about what you know, your experiences, talents, knowledge, personal observations, then use the Internet to “check your facts” because if you are only compiling information from several other sources, this is nothing the reader could not do himself, thus why should he read your article?

Mixing and matching and compiling are not “Evil” but one should perhaps do more writing from real expertise and very little re-writing, compiling or concept copying. Of course this is my opinion. I see many people doing this, I wish humans would pony up and do more writing from their own minds than that of the Internet. What do you think?

Comment provided June 13, 2007 at 5:51 AM



Hi Winslow,

That is the way I did in the very begining.
But once I have started seriously to write a book, the ratio changed. But I accept your advice. Thanks

Comment provided June 13, 2007 at 7:53 AM



I think it’s very good to make a research and write an article about what we found, relating everything and giving to the reader our personal conclusions, because some people don’t have time to go to several sites searching for information.
Of course the best articles are written by experts and authorities in their fields, but we can write a very good article, giving a lot of useful information to our readers with our research, even if we don’t have real knowledge about some matter. The research must be serious though. We are not talking about reading what two or three sites write about something and copying what they said with different words! But even that wouldn’t be bad if the information given is true.
We can give a personal tune to the article when we write our conclusions, after presenting our summary of facts and discoveries about certain matter for example. I think that kind of article is better, because we can write about what people want to read, not only about our personal experiences and our own notions and ideas. The readers are more interested in objective topics that can give them practical solutions for their daily problems.

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Hi Christina,

Once I started seriously to write the book – “German Memories in Asia”, the way you said only I did things.

Comment provided June 14, 2007 at 8:59 AM


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