Article Tools Update

A little more than a year ago we added a Report This!” article tool function that would allow the public to report TOS violations and use the wisdom of the crowds in addition to our software and behind-the-scenes team to keep the content quality standards high.

Today, we’ve tweaked it further because some folks thought the Article Tool was broken as we had a java hover box that would come up when you hovered your mouse around it. We eliminated the javascript hover box so users who don’t have javascript-enabled will be able to use the tool as well.

In addition, the “Report This” function has been extended beyond only reporting inappropriate articles, but also for reporting authors and reporting images that may be offensive so that our team can investigate each case. It’s interesting to note that out of the small handful of “Report Author” emails we receive, about 1 out of ever 4 reports is actually a request to reach the author directly – and we direct them to use the EzineArticles Inbox (for member to member communications) to contact the author directly.

Lastly, for the lovely FireFox browser users (16.2% of all EzineArticles traffic), our in-house CSS Jedi has found a way to make the “Add To Favorites” work in FireFox as well as IE6/7.

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