Juris Doctors and Esquires

EzineArticles only allows doctoral level designations author name for the by-line (Dr. / Ph.D / MD / DPM / etc. ), even though we do allow authors with any title to add their title after their name in the Resource Box below the article body.

We wrongly assumed that JD (Juris Doctor) was a doctorate level degree when in fact it means that the undergrad (or more) student has passed his or her bar exam… similar to an accounting major who passes his or her CPA exam.

After much deliberation this week, we’ve decided that it’s good to have more ‘lawyer’ friends as members and therefore we’ll allow JD or Esq (short for Esquire) in the author by-line; even though they may not be doctorate level. We will not allow “Attorney At Law” or “Lawyer” in the by-line, but we will allow it in the Resource Box.

Perhaps a JD or Esq. member could help us better understand this gray area about why sometimes a JD might be called a ‘doctor’ when in fact they do not have the same level of academic education as a doctorate level person might have (like Ph.d’s and MD’s)?


Lynella Grant writes:

Most law schools require an undergraduate degree for admission – B.A. or B.S.. And in the top and second-tier universities the competition for admission is fierce! The J.D. is an additional 3-4 years of heavy course work. One difference between a Ph.D. and a J.D. is that law schools do not require that a thesis be written or defended. Believe me, the Bar exam is far worse! Having been enrolled in both a normal Ph.D. program and completing a J.D., I can assure you that law school is not easier or faster.

Where the confusion arises, not all universities call their final law degree a J.D. (old traditions). The crucial concern is whether it will be deemed acceptable to the states which administer their own Bar exams. Many graduates of borderline institutions (unaccredited, online, night) which claim to offer law degrees will find that they are not considered acceptable candidates for the Bar exam. And unlike other post-graduate degrees, the J.D. with passing the Bar exam doesn’t get you very far.

Comment provided May 11, 2007 at 9:41 AM


Shan Ferguson writes:

Good morning all:
I dont really think that it makes to much difference if they have a full degree or not per se, if they passed the bar exam obviously they must know a little about what they are writting or they would’nt be doing it to begin with. So I say let them write, useful information can come from many sources.

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What about those with honorary degrees? I think it is silly to include some and prohibit others. Also, who on your staff will be in charge of verifying transcripts? We’ve all heard stories of people posing as doctors when they have never been to law school. We should just be glad that people choose to submit to EzineArticles instead of to another directory.

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We do not investigate every PhD/Doctorate use, but we do investigate when complaints are received via the REPORT THIS AUTHOR complaint form.

To date, I think there has been only (1) instance of a PhD claiming he has a PhD, but the school he went to closed down and there is no way to validate the degree.

As far as honorary doctorates for lifetime achievement, that’s expert enough for us.


Thanks for clarifying…that’s helpful. :)

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Lance Winslow writes:

I think all people who have degrees should put all the letters that they have with all their degrees next to their names. This way the reader can instantly see how brain washed they are and how stuck in linear thought and thus decide if it is really even worth reading the article. One Pile higher and deeper degree okay, that’s fine, but if they are lifer students, one has to wonder what they have done in the real world.

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Hey ~ Good Buddy’s :))

Now that I’ve relocated into AZ from the Pacific NW ~ I’ve been reflecting :)

No ~ No ~ Not In The Mirror :(

About some old ~ but not forgotten memories ~ and people to write some EzineArticles about :)))

I recall Wally :)

He used to have business cards ~ when we were in the insurance business ~ that said, “Wally Loman, DRM”.

When I asked Wally what DRM stood for ~ he replied, “Dosen’t Really Matter.”

Say ~ visit my MySpace blog ~ if you’ve go a moment :)

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LuV Ya :)

Rascal Russ Miles :))

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Lance Winslow writes:

That is hilarious. I once put HMFIC on some business cards once. “Head Mother F-er in Charge.”

If people were down to Earth when they asked me what it meant I would tell them, if not I said something like. “oh, really, hmm? Must be a mistake or something?” Sometimes I just laughed and told them why not figure it out yourself, you are an educated man, you tell me?

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Hey, Lance :)

How Many EzineArticles have you published now?

I need to get back to writing. LOL

Have been thinking of all kinds of “Fun” ~ not “Earth Saving” subjects to expound upon :))

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Lance Winslow writes:

I guess quite a few articles now that I think about it? I wonder if there is a PhD for “Online Article Basket Weavers” if so, I guess I will receive my doctrate soon? Ha ha ha.

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