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After a month of planning, this morning we moved the EzineArticles blog from a sub-directory over to a sub-domain.

For a short transition period, we’ve rewritten the old URL’s to the new URL’s so that you shouldn’t have any problems with finding old entries.

Reason for the change is to isolate the blog from the rest of the site and help raise its visibility beyond our existing members so that we can engage in a larger market discussion on the various article writing & marketing issues that impact everyone involved.

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Lance Winslow writes:

This is great so we can find information. This great plan will increase the blogs usability and value. Occassionally, I’ll have a question about something and recall an item that was discussed and then need to go look it up. Sometimes I can remember about the time of the dialigue to find it, sometimes it takes quite a few minutes to re-read all the titles for three or four months to find it.

Like Dina mentioned a couple of posts ago about how great it was for you to index a particular blog thread, now you are doing the “entire” Blog to help us authors, ezine publishers and team members find what we are looking for fast.

Indeed, I recall you mentioning previously that more folks were using this than your forum at times and your forum was perfectly indexed, so if folks choose to put questions and thoughts here, then indexing this Blog makes a lot of sense and is a very wise strategic move…for a marathoner!

Comment provided May 24, 2007 at 4:19 PM


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