EzineArticles Ban on Essay and Term Paper Promotion

In February of this year (Term Papers and Essays For College) we had discussed a preemptive ban by no longer accepting articles from members who have Resource Box links or anchored text links that essentially say, “BUY ESSAYS” or “BUY THIS TERM PAPER” or “BUY TERM PAPERS“.

Earlier this week, we heard that Google would no longer be accepting ads from term paper and essay writing paper mills (See: Google Takes Aim at Online Term Paper Peddlers and No more googling for your college term paper).

Therefore, effective immediately we will no longer be accepting articles that promote essay writing and term paper report selling. In addition, we will invest a couple of weeks of backwards research to cull all existing articles that either promoted an essay-selling term paper service or promoted it as a ‘good idea’.

This is a necessary leadership position to help protect the integrity of our services.


Lance Winslow writes:

It appears that EzineArticles was able to see this coming and was once again on the leading edge of Internet Industry. In retrospect, I see the conflict this causes for some online companies, yet, I also see the tremendous problems our society and the whole world faces with cheaters, posers, fakers and really it is a little appalling. Whereas these maybe ligitimate businesses selling research papers, it seems to me that they know the end use is someone will use them to cheat.

These types of companies would be far better off to use their skills to help companies write PR level “white papers” as everyone knows when they read them what they are for and that they are more of a glorified brochure set of case studies in most cases. These companies can still exist, they just should not be allowed to use the Internet to help people cheat. I think this is a good policy, I understand why you did this and why Google is and why the Educational System is fed up with these things.

Comment provided May 24, 2007 at 4:26 PM


Kathryn writes:

This is the first time I have visited the Ezine site. I am still looking at the many and varied links and articles you provide here. I read this and just wanted to let you know that I am glad the site accepted the better position on “buying” term/research papers. You and Lance stated my position quite well – I believe we need to support and encourage our children, youth, and young adults to be ethical men and women of character who accept ownership of themselves and their education by being responsible for doing their own work and doing it honestly.

Comment provided May 25, 2007 at 11:23 AM


Charles Poxon writes:

I agree entirely with the sentiments listed in the comments. The plagarising of others work, is in my mind the unforgivable academic sin, for which there should be no forgiveness.

However, in the UK the system set in place by government of all persuasions, encourages the growth of such pratice, where not only chlidren but teachers and lecturers are pulled by market force and results, rather than education that is meaningful.

It is obvious to a blind man on a galloping horse that it was always going to end in this mess.

Sadly, the mess provides a market and market provides opportunity for profit. It is the law of supply and demand.

I congratulate you at E-zine Articles on your stance.

Comment provided May 30, 2007 at 6:17 PM


R.J. writes:


Comment provided June 2, 2007 at 1:12 PM




Actually, I never thought of the Essay and Term Paper sellers as “spammers” because they are just trying to fill a market demand…

BUT, I can see why many would consider it unethical to help college students cheat by providing them with customized “research” in the form of a paper many of them will just read and hand in.

For the record, we’re not against this “term paper-selling” industry and it’s not our role to ‘teach them a lesson’. With this new policy, we’re just saying that we prefer to not have content from members who promote the sale of term papers and essays for college students.

Comment provided June 3, 2007 at 4:38 AM


kathleen writes:

I just finished a very difficult accelerated program. I found that, although I did a massive amount of work on all of my term papers, it was doubtful that the teachers ever read any of them all the way through. My only benefit to doing all the work I did to guarantee that I did not plagiarize would have been to sell the end product to someone else! Which I did not do, of course. But I am afraid it is the result of an educational system that’s all about churning out the degrees (very expensive ones) without much regard for what any of us really learn. O course, I would still do all that work again. I don’t want any one else’s. But I can see why the term-paper business has developed/

Comment provided June 20, 2007 at 5:37 PM


college essays writes:

It is true that multiple scam websites have filled the internet and has made it difficult for people to trust any online services. However, if you want to take the assistance any online custom writing services to get a custom essay or a custom term paper, you need to make some verification about their authenticity.

Comment provided August 4, 2011 at 5:04 AM


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