Email Ticket Tracking For Member Support

For the past month and a half, our developers have been working on rolling out our own member/author support email ticket tracking system. Sure, we could have licensed someone else’s software or ASP solution, but where’s the fun in that?

This is a system we should have developed a year ago, but better late than never…and because we wrote it, we’ve already innovated with features that will prioritize visually incoming support requests and allow for an eventual huge inventory of stock responses to the top hundred questions. 176 support replies already flowed through the new system…

Some of the goals of this new system are/were:

  • Ensure a 100% reply to all emails that require a reply
  • Designed to standardize our responses regardless which team member is working the support queue
  • Allow for manager quality control & stat reporting so we can define the various levels of speed that replies will be given
  • Allow for an escalation procedure for sorting out important vs. urgent issues
  • Allow us to tag the majority of support emails with the respective accounts of each member to provide a new person working the support queue to see a more complete picture of the issues.

By the middle of May I’d expect the system to be evolved from the present day roll out. We’re processing about 50% of the thousands of emails that come in monthly –> into the new ticket tracking system.


Edward Weiss writes:

I’m all for your new system IF you don’t lose the personal touch in the process.

My web host Ipowerweb uses a sophisiticated answering system which works well… except most of the time I get some canned response they figure will answer my question.

Most of the time it doesn’t and I get frustrated. They didn’t really hear or read the question. They just cut and pasted some auto message to placate me.

Hope this doesn’t happen here. :)

Comment provided April 9, 2007 at 8:18 PM


Ruth writes:


I just have to say that every time I have asked a question or had a problem I always received a reply – FAST

Good luck with your new system, but, like someone else said, don’t lose the personal touch, it’s part of what makes EzineArticles unique and special!


Comment provided April 10, 2007 at 6:23 AM




I agree and the challenge is that I’m aware a few dozen support requests have either slipped throught he cracks or had a week (or more) delay in response… So our first priority is to ensure we’re answering 100% of incoming emails for help, and then we can focus on improving the quality of the responses.

Comment provided April 10, 2007 at 7:22 AM


Anne Hickley writes:

Hi Chris

I’m with Edward and Ruth here that when I’ve had a query it’s been answered super fast (and I got the answer I was hoping for, which always helps!

However, if you’ve got a system that can stop anything falling through the cracks that’s great. If it really does that you could probably market it separately. Who couldn’t use a system to do that!?


Comment provided April 10, 2007 at 8:28 AM


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