Dangers of Geo-Writing Efficiency

Last May, I wrote an article about the strategy of producing hundreds of local niche articles (Produce Hundreds of Local Niche Articles, One For Every City and State / Province In Your Country) to write articles that would appeal to those searching for local information based on the authors area of expertise.

Lately, I’ve seen this strategy used too efficiently. The primary problem is that the quality of the body in many of these geo-targeted articles are too thin in value and many authors used a repetitive template that produced an article that predictably will draw complaints. When I review the articles, I yawn and feel embarrassed that we accepted some of them.

Here are 5 tips to help those who want to leverage this geo-targeted article writing style with integrity:

  1. Genuinely research each region or city that you mention for at least an hour to ADD to the knowledge and experience you already have about the area. If you really don’t know anything about the geo-area’s you’re writing about, you’re not qualified to write about it.
  2. Do not take the lazy route of spitting the search results of who provides a specific set of services in that area. Your articles should not read like a summary of local.google or local.yahoo.
  3. Seek to ADD VALUE with your geo-targeted articles. Regurgitating what already exists in the market adds no value, but weaving your unique expertise and experience into your geo-articles CAN ADD VALUE.
  4. Do not keyword stuff your article by repeating the geo-location that you’re writing about. We’ve seen authors stuff their articles with 9-14 mentions of the location and that’s abusive and will be rejected.
  5. Find a way to deliver 3 gems of information that can’t be found anywhere else about the geo-area you’re writing about.

Good Geo-Writing Examples:

  • You’re writing about digital photography and you mention 3 of the most perfect spots to setup various photo shoots for each of the four seasons.
  • You’re writing about the top 3 day spa’s are in a specific region and because you visited each one, you can offer an insight into what types of services are best. Keep it positive and if you’ve got nothing nice to say, this isn’t the medium to say it.
  • You’re writing about how to find creative fitness activities in various major cities and you mention a bullet list of sports that are very popular in those regions and the history of why they are so popular in that region.

Do you have any geo-article-writing examples to add or comment on?

Some authors (no implied endorsement intended) who write or have written geo-targeted articles:


Audrey writes:

I wanted to add an author to your list:


Her articles are retaurant reviews. Instead of just one restaurant she grouped several restaurants together under one food heading such as salads or breakfasts.

Comment provided April 3, 2007 at 8:39 AM


Thad Ferguson writes:

I am glad that you wrote about this subject. I have been tempted to write geo-articles yet every time I began I found the articles lacking in quality for that exact reason the only thing that was changing within the articles was the name of the city which if done for only one city is quite okay but when done for a few hundred quite wasteful.
With the tips you have given I might try to write geo-articles again.

Comment provided April 3, 2007 at 9:29 AM


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