Authors With More Than One Expertise

This past week we sent a little over 3,000 emails to a very select list of our Platinum level authors who do not have their author bio’s or author photo uploaded yet, giving them an easy instruction list of how to do it and what’s in it for them (more exposure, 5 additional self-serving links, etc).

The number one reason that a solid handful of Platinum expert authors have told us that they don’t intend to upload their author bio is because they are experts in more than one unrelated niche and they don’t want to confuse one of their niche audiences with their expertise of another niche.

Solution: Authors With Multiple Brands – Secrets To Managing Multiple Topics When Writing Articles


George Lockett writes:

Hi Chris

What I am not clear about is, if you use different author names for articles in different areas; for example, if I was to write under George Lockett and also George E. Lockett. Do these articles go out under two different RSS feeds? Do all the articles use the same feed under expert author?

As I use my expert author feed on my web site but I could also write articles for another totally different organisation and I do not wish to mix my own articles with the other company I work for?

I hope I have made my question clear. It is just how these articles will be listed in the expert author and extended expert author do you end up with one or two or more if you have additional names?

George Lockett

Comment provided April 7, 2007 at 4:01 PM




If you write under two different author names, yes, that would be two different and un-related RSS feeds.

You wouldn’t want the two to be intermingled and that’s why every unique author name has his or her own unique RSS feed.

Comment provided April 23, 2007 at 3:55 PM



Hi Chris,

Thanks for the advice. I have over 200 articles on a wide variety of articles. I am definitely going to take up on this advice and convert my old ones.

The only downside is that I shall never get on list of most productive authors. I could have 10 different names / areas of expertise.

Just like to say your advice from EzineArticles has always been spot on – you deserve being top ezine site.



Comment provided May 29, 2007 at 3:54 PM


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