Top 10 Expert Authors by RSS Activity

As you may know, you can subscribe via RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to the RSS feed of any the over 47,000+ EzineArticles expert authors. This allows you to track your favorite authors (or yourself) via your RSS reader of choice or you can display in real-time your articles on your website (title, byline, summary and a link to the full article).

Here are top 10 EzineArticles experts by number of views to their individual RSS feed last month:

Expert Author Viewed
Marsha Maung 2,859
Brooke Schuman 1,050
Kitty Barker 1,041
Dennis Diehl 1,010
Vernon Myers 770
Michael Russell 732
Tim Gorman 618
Christopher M. Knight 518
Travis Sago 497
Sharon Hurley 497

Here are the top 10 EzineArticles experts by number of humans who pulled their RSS feed last month:

Expert Author Feed Entry
Tim Gorman 237
Joshua Feinberg 217
Todd Going 207
Nick Wright 171
Barbara Rose Ph.D. 163
Sam Udoh 148
Jim Kitzmiller 145
Peter Hale 142
Thea Westra 140
Hans Meijer 118

What I’m attempting to share with you with this blog entry are the top 10 EzineArticles expert authors who have the most RSS feed activity on their articles.

Because we don’t do any formal RSS metrics tracking yet, I can only show you which feeds for the previous month had the most views and entry points (I assume that if a person enters EzineArticles on an RSS feed, that it’s most likely someone subscribed to the authors RSS feed and not some random landing).



I still get messed up. I tried to set it all up and wound up adding all kinds of Firefox stuff. i guess the artist in me got distracted.

I did ‘indeed’ get the google page going by using one of your articles on EZ. I am not sure I got it right but it is a start I suppose.

I still just don’t understand. I asked my service provider and he gave me a program to purchase. I can’t do that right now.


Learning… such a nebulous thing. I will get there I am sure but wow this is just so frustrating to me. I will hold out though and hopefully be one of the top 10!

Ohhh just a PS that has me bothered a lot. It is MY FAULT I know. I found keywords that were erotic, used them, got published with them on another directory.

Waa! Yesterday, when I did a vanity search on google, I saw it on a porn site! Waa!. It is a lesson to me to watch what I write. The article was tame but not the title that was accepted. EZ made me tame my title. Thank you!

Boy do I sound ditzy or what?

Comment provided March 13, 2007 at 12:01 PM


Edward Weiss writes:

Pretty impressive stuff! You know if someone signs up for your feed they must really want what you’ve got. I’m jealous!

Comment provided March 13, 2007 at 8:13 PM



Thanks to Sharon Hurley for giving a blog mention:

Comment provided March 17, 2007 at 6:58 PM


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