New Categories- Fax and Telephone Systems

Two new niche categories to tell you about today:

The FAX category is all about our old friend, the facsimilie including history, fax machines, fax services, fax to email or other device gateways, how to get faxes when traveling, faxing from your computer and anything else relating to the world of faxing. The 130 articles we moved last month into this new Fax category have received the 3rd highest amount of traffic within the Communications category including competing against categories with 3-4X or more articles. This tell us it’s an ‘in demand’ content category.

The TELEPHONE SYSTEMS category is all about business and personal phone systems ranging from cordless, pbx, internet, satellite, to the supporting sub-systems such as voice mail, auto attendant, and other device exchange gateways that allows voice & data calls to be routed to where needed. Also an ‘in demand’ content category as the 80 articles in this new category last month out pulled by 2:1 the 667 articles in the VOIP (Voice Over IP) category and this is now the 4th highest traffic channel within the Communications main category.

If you’re an expert in either of these two new categories, we welcome your quality original submissions today.

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Jan Verhoeff writes:

Wow — now if I could just operate one of the darned things, I’d write articles about them…

I have voice mail, cell phones, fax machines, cordles phones, all the tech-no babblogne, bells, whistles, and googenhymer stuff – but you know, I have this 12 year old kid at my house who seems to know more about any given item of it than I do, and that’s darned embarrassing!

So, now that you’ve created a niche, I may just have to pick his brain, learn his secrets, and write about it all so I can catch up with technology!

Chris, I just hate a good challenge!



Comment provided March 16, 2007 at 7:59 AM


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