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Last night I was doing a private teleseminar for Jeff Herring’s mentor group and Jeff was asking me to talk about cool little-known features of the EzineArticles system…and he mentioned that they as a group had been discussing the value of the EzineArticles Inbox Contact list that allows them to identify the top authors by article counts in each category… a feature I didn’t know we had built into the system. Omigosh!

While embarassed, I was also very happy that our dev team cranked out a new feature without being asked to produce it. That’s the innovative spirit!

Here are some screen shots and what this feature is all about:

When you go into your EzineArticles Inbox (click on AUTHOR TOOLS, VIEW MY MESSAGES), in the left navigation is a “MESSAGE ACTIONS” box. Select “CONTACTS” and then in the “FIND A CONTACT” section, select “TOP AUTHORS BY CATEGORY”:

and then I selected the “WEIGHT LOSS” category and got this:

From here, I can select “ADD TO CONTACTS” and then email the author.

I think Jeff’s group was looking at this as a lead generation use for finding JV partners… something that we’d call an unintended consequence. I had this feeling that Jeff’s group didn’t know that the TOP AUTHORS IN EACH CATEGORY was a public feature and not a private feature.

Example: Here are the top 10 authors in our WEIGHT LOSS category by article count. You can find the top 10 authors in each category from the main category listing near the top.
We’re continuing to improve the EzineArticles INBOX system as it’ll be in beta for the entire month of March. Thanks for all of the reports sent in that have helped us identify or eliminate bugs.



Wow… this makes me want to write more articles to be in the top 10.

I always look to see how many articles it will take me to get in the top ten of any niche but this is more incentive even to get noticed.

See me! See me!

Comment provided March 1, 2007 at 11:52 AM


Danny Snyder writes:

If you make a personal connection with someone with whom you have a common interest, then that is “building contacts.” However, if you send a form email to every email address you reap from easy sources, then that is just plain spam.

Be careful. I just looked at three unrelated categories. And at the top of each category, it has a link to the Top 10 Authors in that category. And some unknown fellow by the name of “Lance” was the top author in all three unrelated categories. I personally do not know Lance. But I do know that he writes…a lot.

His author bio says that he is looking for a co-author or two to write a couple of books with. My guess is that whoever co-authors a book with Lance is going to be playing a major game of catch-up from the start of that project.

Under Lance’s bio, his last 100 articles are listed. You’re thinking, “Yeah, so.” Well, look at the dates. All were in the last three days.

Lance, I suspect that you will eventually read this post. So do tell. How do you crank out over 30 articles per day, sleep(without the use of drugs), and perform other normal human functions?

Do you use Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software or do you type by hand? Come on Lance, tell us about your 10K+ article process.

Comment provided March 1, 2007 at 10:02 PM


Sally writes:

This function has great potential!

Although I do agree with Danny, and how “Lance” can churn out so many articles I simply do not know!

But I still think it’s a great way to find like minded people for jvs etc

Sally :)

Comment provided March 3, 2007 at 6:42 PM


Majelis writes:

Wow! This is a great tool and improvement of EzineArticles. I cannot say much now, but since my first article was accepted I have been paying my attention, thinking about, and spending my time a lot on writing articles. Thanks to Ezine which has played the role of a stimulating agent for my writing activities.

Comment provided March 4, 2007 at 8:45 PM


LanceWinslow writes:

You know I think I wrote an Article on the “Flow of Thought” once. Oh, also I aswered Danny’s question in an article on Voice Software for Article Writing. But I have so many articles, I can’t find it here? Sorry?

My question is has anyone “EVER” written at least one article for “EVERY” category? That would be something like 200 right there alone? Who knows how many categories there are here? I lost track once just trying to count them all? Maybe someone can answer these questions? I am stumped.

Comment provided March 5, 2007 at 5:42 AM


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