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Google’s Book Search engine isn’t something new, but it is cool to find out who’s been writing about you: Check out the 41 books that have cited or one of our authors as a resource for their book. has something similar: 25 Books that have cited

I tried to do a similar search on, but they returned 2,008 irrelevant results…not sure why.

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Lance Winslow writes:

I also recommend these search pages and use the Google Books Search and the Scholar search too, almost everyday;

When searching information and getting to the bottom of political strategy, advanced research, technology futures or even the global warming debate you can discover very quickly who is who and who is connected to what and by finding out who is wrting about them and what they are writing about you can get a glimpse into the reality of the situation.

These search tools are worth looking into for he who seeks the answers. Use the tools that are available to win. Trust but verify and you will possess the knowledge to do something great. Information is power.

Comment provided January 7, 2007 at 4:27 PM


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