Podcast- Stuart Crawford Interviews Jim Hart

Received word that EzineArticles expert author Jim Hart of Smart Books Media was interviewed by EzineArticles expert author Stuart Crawford of the Calgary Small Business Show podcast (Using Articles, Blogs and Link Exchange to Grow Your Business) on Wednesday the 17th.

Jim said, “I like EzineArticles.com.. It blows away the competition”. He also said he is very careful as to where he posts his articles and he hovers around 3 places to submit: EzineArticles.com, BestManagementArticles.com, Buzzle.com.

He said we have 20,000 visitors a day, but it’s more like ten times that. :)



Artists exchange links like crazy. I have three pages of it on my site in the gallery section. A few dead ones which need to be deleted I know and maybe the reason my rank went from 4/10 to 3/10.

When my site was redone, my links were kind of set out of sight and mind I am afraid.

So…I redid the pages and wrote a short review of each artist that I have lovingly cared for and admired. My webmaster/partner does not have time to post that right now so in the mean time I am taking my link partners, my fellow artists, and featuring them on my blogs here and there. Then I send them an email telling them about it. Everybody needs a happy day.

I don’t really know just how much this is helping the links on my main website. ??? I guess I am hoping karma will smile on me and my artists friends for the effort. When you find someone noteworthy it seems like praising them is the right thing to do. By doing this they in turn have offered to do more for me, like more text and sometimes a photo, so I guess that is the karma part.

Despite all it seems my article writing has caused the biggest boost for my website. The other thing it does for me is remind me continually to think creatively.

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Ismael Tabije writes:

I publish the http://www.BestManagementArticles.com that was mentioned by Jim Hart in his podcast. It is certainly a huge pleasant surprise to be included in his select three considering the hundreds (or is it thousands now?) of article directory sites that have sprouted in the net in recent years.

I value and appreciate his unsolicited “endorsement” very highly, coming as it is from one real good writer.

By the way, some people have emailed me that http://www.BestManagementArticles.com is very difficult to recall. I have therefore registered another URL for it: http://www.ManagementWarrior.com — Whichever URL you use, you’ll end up in the same website.

PS. Congratulations, too, to EzineArticles.com and buzzle.com for being mentioned prominently in the podcast.

Ismael Tabije

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