Where The Articles Originate

While we’re very honored to host expert authors from over 177 unique countries or locations, here are the top 6 countries where our members live:

68% of all articles come from the top 15 countries… and the runner ups for the other 9 countries include Malaysia (.7%), Ireland (.6%), England (.6%), Spain (.6%), New Zealand (.5%), South Africa (.5%), Romania (.5%), Philippines (.4%), Uruguay (.4%).

That Was Going To Be My First Article

John writes:

i am so upset. I just wrote a great article about [deleted] and right when i was going to add the bio i clicked over the Author guidelines to read the protocol and couldn’t get back to my article to finish it. it was about 1200 words at that point. very well thought out and put together. Why are websites designed to loose pages like that? what a drag. that was going to be my first article.

Sorry to hear that… I see that you’re on AOL and using IE7 for your browser. Websites are not designed to lose pages like this. I was able to duplicate the problem and I’ve opened up a tech trouble ticket internally to find a solution to fix it. This is a problem that we can prevent in the future and we’ll have a small change in our software for this before the week is over.

I’m sharing this story today in the blog to encourage all authors to always save a local backup of your article. We’ll keep investing in new autosave and backup technologies so you shouldn’t have to save a backup of your article, but if you’re going to crank out 1,200 new original words, it would only take a 1-2 seconds to save a copy of it also in a MS Word document or any text editor outside of our EzineArticles membership interface.

Your EzineArticles Inbox

We’re only 3 days away from the launch of our newest feature, the EzineArticles Inbox.

Quite possibly, I think we’ll be the first site of our kind to offer its members the ability to email each other, collaborate on various opportunities together, connecting authors & publishers together and creating the framework for an even bigger project we have planned for later this year.

The service will be integrated within your membership account and the idea is to improve communication between our members and ourselves first. It happens daily that a member will ask the same question over and over again because they didn’t receive our reply for whatever reason or we’ll send messages that bounce back undeliverable. This new system will solve that.

We built the entire system from scratch and you’ll be able to send emails to us and other members, view your sent emails, view your trash (auto dumps every 30 days), mark emails as spam (that will notify us to investigate), create a blocked list of people you don’t want to receive emails from, create your own contact address book and more.

One large goal with this new system is to unlock the value trapped within our membership database. We can create significant economic value when we can help our members communicate with each other and this in turn makes us more valuable to our members (we hope).

I’m pretty certain that we won’t give the ability to email externally to non-members as this tool is being created to fascilitate member to member and service provider (us) to member communications.

One question to ask of you at this time:

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The I Love Article Template

Who can argue with love? :X

Here is a template you can use for your next set of articles…and I call it the “I Love Article Template” because it’s all about sharing something you love (or have a passion for) with others and telling them why you love it… and by doing so, you inspire the reader to connect with you or validate their own interests on the things or people they love.

This template can be done in many ways and today, I’m going to share 2 ways with you:

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Commodity vs Speciality Ghostwriters

Olga writes:

Is it true that some people can make a living just by writing articles for some Publishers? If that’s true, I would like to try myself.

Yes, it is true: you can make a nice living working from anyplace on our lovely planet that has Internet access, writing articles for others.

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4619 Forwards To A Friend

Last month, 4,619 articles were forwarded to a friend via our system.

I audited a random sample of 250 of them to share with you the breakdown of what people are saying when they forward the messages to their co-workers, friends or family:

Some messages were in Spanish, professors forwarding articles to each other, girlfriend or boyfriends sending love notes to each other about an article they thought the other would like, many mention signing up for the email newsletter of a particular authors, and I’d estimate 40% of the forwards are business people to business people type comments.

It could just be the time of year, but a high percentage of the B2C comments were from the Health & Fitness categories. A high percentage of the B2B comments were not from the Internet related articles, but rather the offline business world with a high concentration in the business planning and VC areas.

Most commonly repeated phrase for the non-business comments for the other 60% was: “I found this article and thought of you” followed by the runner up, “Here’s the article I was telling you about.”

Of the 4,619 forwards to a friend sample, 381 of them had a message that included the word “love” in it.

Economy Filled With Writers

Damola asks:

How do I know what to write about since the economy is filled with many writers and how do I make an effective article that will attract readers at the same time?

For a moment, ignore the economy. Ignorance is bliss. Do you think Burger King won’t enter an area because there already is a McDonalds in it? Heck no! …and in fact, they will build directly across from McDonalds.

A simple traffic attraction formula you can use:

The amount of pre-qualified visitors that your articles attract is directly proportional to four forces:

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Gregg Hall – Author Spotlight

I’d like to introduce you to the EzineArticles expert author (at the moment #3 in terms of total article submissions): Gregg Hall

Interesting that he’s leveraging his EzineArticles strength (1,379 articles and over half a million views) on his AskGregg.com site.

I’m not crazy over his PLR positions, but then again, it’s not PLR that’s evil but rather those who abuse PLR articles, create them from legit content without permission or submit them to us that is the problem.

While researching Gregg for todays author spotlight, wow…this Internet marketer has a lot of irons in the fire in many diverse industries with many of his articles in the thousands of views per article. His most viewed article with 78k+ views is this one: Leave Data Recovery For Your Computer To The Experts

I’d classify Gregg as a ‘niche marketer’ whose speciality is being in several diverse niches all at one time rather than being specialized in a small number of niches.

The Slippery Slope of Article Rewriting

William writes:

When is an article rewritten enough to make it your own?

Never! Next question.

But he goes on further to say:

When I write original copy, the information comes from several sources. But on some occasions I run across an article that is exactly what I had in mind for my own article. Even better! This is when I will rewrite the original copy by removing contractions, adding or changing power words, edit out passive voice, switch the order of paragraphs, break information down to a list of points, etc. But is that enough when it only changes every other sentence or so? Or maybe I am just to close to the original and the rewritten copy to be objective.

First, you’re asking the wrong question William.

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Permission-Based Email List Member Update

The EzineArticles weekly periodic newsletter goes out to 18,500 members (up 5% over previous month, up 74% over same time last year).

The EzineArticles blog email daily alert list goes out to 514 members (up 6.1% over previous month, up 75.4% over same time last year).

The EzineArticles new article daily alerts lists go out to an aggregate of 23,723 members (up 13.5% over previous month, up 275% over same time last year). All together, we sent 470,873 emails to our daily permission-based new email alert members last month.

Of the 323 daily new article email alert lists, the biggest list by membership size is the Self-Improvement: Positive-Attitude group with 269 members. In fact, the Self-Improvement categories have 7 of the top 10 lists in terms of membership size. The highest category by total deliveries is the Internet & Online Businesses general category with 7,581 deliveries.

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