From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur

EzineArticles expert author Stephanie Chandler recently introduced a new book called “From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur: Make Money with Books, E-books, and Information Products (Paperback)” and she mentioned as a resource to help entrepreneurs and infopreneurs to increase their exposure. :-) Thanks Stephanie!

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Ed Howes writes:

It is always good to hear any author promoting EzineArticles. I don’t believe one percent of our authors see whatever promotes this business, promotes all members. I went overboard when I first decided to do this by including EzineArticles hyperlinks in my resource box, once I saw my publisher pick ups rising and Chris had to send me a message requesting I not do itas it also appeared as an EzineArticles endorsement of my work.

Lately I have foregone writing essays for a while as I attempt to network by commenting on certain forums of my choosing. On one, I was allowed a signature or resource box. Because my own web site is not current, I just put EzineArticles Expert Author in my box. If in my comment, I want to refer someone to an essay posted on my site, I add the hypertext link in the comment. My website is also posted in my bio at this forum, so I am happy if I send traffic to either location. Imagine if half our fellow authors were consciously promoting EzineArticles whenever the opportunity presented itself.

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