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I receive a few hundred questions from my site monthly and today I’d like to share a select handful of them along with my answers:

Bryant asks, “If an individual use your website to publish a business article what are the chances of that article being published in a major print magazine like Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc, FastCompany, Forbes, Smart Money etc ? I am looking for a service to submit articles to major magazine and newspaper editors to be printed inside their magazines.”

Chris Knight answers: EzineArticles content should never end up in major print magazines because our TOS prohibits such use: “Agree to never charge others to view any article you reprint from our directory.” We’re the wrong tool for this purpose. I have heard that many highly-niched publications have approached our authors directly to ask for their permission to reprint and we’re always ok with it if the author of the article approves such use on a case by case basis.

Doris asks, “My topic is “joy on the job” and “happiness at work” and I don’t see any related category. Can you create a new category? Otherwise people won’t find the article.”

Chris Knight answers: Your assumption that people who use our site actually browser our site by category is false. The reality is that the category that your article in only has a very SMALL amount of influence as to how much traffic and syndication that your article receives. Best to just put it in the closest category you can find and run with it. You won’t be sorry. :-)

Sanford asks, “I just signed up to ezine to submit articles.I notice that you have great articles and I wanted to know if I was able to use some of the articles for my website as well as submit articles.I am doing everything to draw traffic to my site,but to really help others through my articles and current book.”

Chris Knight answers: As long as you follow our posted TOS, you can reprint up to 25 articles per site per year. If you submit any articles to us, I’d recommend that you put a space after your periods as this is a common mistake that our editors have to correct. Thanks in advance!

Kingos asks, “What are the most effective means of article marketing? How do I write 5 star articles guaranted to bring me income?”

Chris Knight answers: You are asking the wrong question because writing articles is not about creating direct currency…but rather it’s about demand creation, qualified visitor and traffic creation, and qualified lead creation. It is certainly not a ‘get rich quick’ strategy, but an important strategy nonetheless for which it’s designed.

Rick asks, “It seems you’re not a fan of automated third-party article submission providers, and I completely appreciate why. Saying that, I think finding a reputable one with integrity would be beneficial for all parties involved. [parts snipped] I know you don’t want to endorse anyone. But can I ask you if you refuse to accept material from [3rd party submission service provider snipped]”

Chris Knight answers: You are right that we don’t endorse nor recommend any of the 3rd party article submission service providers. A year ago we came to the 3rd party article submission community with hopes to find article submissions that we normally wouldn’t have found on our own. For a while, it was worth it, but I can tell you that lately, we’re close to becoming less friendly towards the 3rd party article submission service providers. Very few of them go deep enough to care about all of the article quality issues that the complexity of their services really requires to do a good job for them. The days of blast and forget are over. Get this: The amount of author support we gave last month to EzineArticles members who were trying 3rd party article submission service providers who were asking us why their article didn’t make it to our site far out weighed what we received in return in terms of article submissions above and beyond what our current members already do. If your 3rd part article submission service provider is able to submit to us as your agent without us knowing about it (we treat the submission as if it came directly from you), this is the best route to pursue.

Bob asks, “I have someone submitting my articles to major sites. I’m considering software that will automate this process, but am cautious. What’s your take on manual vs automated submission? ”

Chris Knight answers: Same answer as what I just gave to Rick. We work very hard at to be worthy of your direct time (or that of an assistant of yours) to submit your newest quality original articles directly to us. If you want to use an automated provider for everyone else, that’s your business. :)

Martha asks, “I was reading your blog and would like to ask: Are you moving in the direction of something like If so, love it and can I be in charge of the adoption area? Are you going to have people blogging on certain subjects daily? Thanks.”

Chris Knight answers: We’re not currently running the business model because it doesn’t fit the EzineArticles model where we support multiple to thousands of experts in each niche. I recommend that you write hundreds or thousands of “adoption” articles and put them in our parenting category… and know that we’ll have an adoption category soon.


Ron Coleman writes:

I read with great interest the question by Bryant about reusing an article he writes for in a print magazine such as Entrepreneur. I was rather shocked to see the answer which said he doesn’t have the right to reuse that article. This is very strange, considering the usual practices in the publishing industry. Usually any publisher pays something for the article…EzineArticles gets them for free. Also most publishers are buying first-time rights or one time rights only and authors do have the right to resell the articles elsewhere. If a publication buys all rights, they usually pay a large amount of money, in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If a writer can’t resell his articles, or even if he can, I must question the wisdom of allowing any publisher to print it for free. Even if you publish it with the promise that it will generate website traffic (an unproven promise), that is pretty much tantamount to publishing for free.
If you are a writer of any worth, you must know your worth and make the publisher pay you for your work.
Ron Coleman

Comment provided December 6, 2006 at 12:50 PM





I never said Bryant couldn’t reuse that article in a major print publication.

I referred to our TOS that says a Publisher may not reprint any content found in if they charge others to view such content. If an author wants to make a deal directly with the publisher, go for it.

You are right that most fee-based print publications do pay for article content and those that do, almost always require first time use and/or exclusive rights to the original content, at least for a period of time.

Comment provided December 6, 2006 at 1:27 PM


Sanjay writes:

Hello Chris,

I came here just to raise the same point that Ron posted in this thread. Looks like your answer to Bryant there did create some confusion. But your response to Ron clarifies matters. :-)


Comment provided December 6, 2006 at 9:59 PM


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