2006 EzineArticles Blog Stats In Review

As the year 2006 comes to a close, this is a good time to share some behind-the-scenes stats from this blog:

  • 797 entries in this blog
  • 3,547 comments left by 932 unique humans
  • 746 users casted 2,990 votes
  • 153,000 page views this year

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The 40 Article Challenge

Thank you to EzineArticles expert author Suzanne Lieurance for creating the “40 Article Challenge” to her list and blog (Have You Harnessed the Power of Article Marketing?)… where she encouraged her readers, clients and friends to create 40 articles and submit them to sites like ours before the end of the year.

EzineArticles expert author Yvonne Perry was the first to complete the challenge, followed by EzineArticles expert author JJ Murphy and many more.

Suzanne told me that 22 writers accepted the challenge and have been writing up a storm this month! Nice work! An important distinction that Suzanne shared with me is:

“I think it helped listeners better understand that article marketing is not about marketing your articles. It is about USING your articles to market yourself and your business.”

Lastly, One of the Freelance writers from New York is in a member of Suzanne’s co-op, Linda Della Donna –> interviewed me on (Article Writing & Marketing Strategies). Hope you enjoy the interview.

Is There A Life To An Article

Kathy from Texas Writes:

Is there a “life” to an article (i.e., do people look at only the most recently submitted articles) and is it worth doing a “refresh” to get the article back out there? If so, how often should I do it?

From my experience, the life cycle of an article is directly related to how evergreen the content of the article is. Example: If you wrote an article about “The Best Customer Service Strategies In 1996”- you might find that your content has become less valuable today than it was a decade ago… but, most authors who send me stories every single week about the success they’ve had with OLD articles confirms my belief that ONCE YOU WRITE IT, SUBMIT IT; LEAVE IT ALONE.

If I was reading further into your comment, I think what you’re really asking me is this: Since my article gets the BOOSTER ROCKET effect because that’s part of your EzineArticles system (designed to bring a higher profile level of our own traffic to new articles), should I blow away the article (delete it) and resubmit it to get the sugar insulin traffic spike?

Answer = NO! That’s the fastest way to lose credibility and trust with us. Why would you want to lose all of the traffic that your OLD articles are pulling for you? Instead, invest your energy in quality new article creation.

Geotargeting Your Writing

Aussie Peter writes:

“Chris, I’ve just seen your article of May 2006 about writing multiple articles for geo-targeted niches. Could you give me your views on the extent to which each article would need
to be completely re-written, as opposed to doing a search and replace on the state, and leaving the rest of the article the same?

G’day Peter… Excellent question! If it’s for articles that you’re submitting to EzineArticles.com, every geo-targeted article will need to be 90-97% completely original as we reject articles that have the same 1, 2, 3 or more of identical paragraphs with only a single paragraph that is unique to the region.

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20 Things I Learned In 2006

Thanks to an idea from EzineArticles expert author Benjamin Yoskovitz‘s Instagator blog where he proposed a group writing project to answer the question, “What I Learned In 2006”…here are my answers:

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Proposal- End Free Syndication

Instead: Start Registered Member Syndication Only

This has been on my mind for about a year now and as we reflect this week on what went right in 2006 and what our priorities should be for 2007 (this is my favorite week for 2007 priority planning)… I wanted to float the idea of stopping free syndication and requiring a membership account in order to be granted syndication rights on any content.

By requiring publishers to have a membership account, we could facilitate the communication between authors and publishers that doesn’t exist today. Authors want to know which publisher is using their content. Publishers want to tell Authors what they want more of from them or complain (geez, if I had a dime for every publisher who is upset with an authors spelling, grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, or writing style)… and by doing this, authors would also have the option to deny (or mitigiate) certain publishers from using their works.

It would meet our original charter objective to provide EZINE publishers with supplemental content by inserting only a few extra minutes for true ezine publishers to create a free starter membership account. I would propose that it would be FREE for publishers as it is today so that there would be no barrier to entry for ‘genuine’ publishers.

This new system would also be a serious threat to those who are already harming our site… The idea is to isolate ‘good’ publishers from ‘evil’ ones… through the membership interface barrier…while providing ENHANCED database services to quality publishers that create a win:win:win for all involved in the system.

It wouldn’t be a perfect system, but it would serve more of the aggregate interests that aren’t being served very well today…or at least, not as efficiently as they could be served.

Your thoughts?

Twas The Knight Before Christmas

‘Twas The Knight Before Christmas, EzineArticles Style
By Former EzineArticles Managing Editor, Wally

‘Twas the night before Christmas, at EzineArticles.com,
Not an Expert Author was submitting, the servers were calm;
The bandwidth was ready, should an article appear,
Perhaps from an International Author, perhaps from Tangier.

The editors were nestled all snug by their desks,
While the dev team was sleeping, algorithms in their heads;
And Chris in his office and I in mine,
were doing year end reports and reviews to sign.

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Happy Holidays Cheer Post

I sensed this morning that quite a few of the community of experts who comment on this blog wanted to send holiday cheers and wishes to each other, so here’s a post where you can do just that. :-)

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The Pure Tungsten Interview

Recently, EzineArticles expert author Phillip Davis (also the President of Tungsten Brand Marketing: PureTungsten.com) interviewed me on article writing & marketing insights for the bright minds of his newsletter readership and today I wanted to share that interview with the bright minds of the EzineArticles newsletter & blog readership. :-)

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14.2 Percent January over December

Let’s discuss traffic today: Traditionally, it weakens around Christmas time and has for the past 3 years before it bounces back up in January.

Last night I took the first 20 days of traffic stats for December 2004, 2005 and this year. I did linear trend line & daily delta analysis to try and determine if the softness of this months traffic is a trend or just a seasonal anomaly. Amazingly, the last 3 years of Decembers have been incredibly predictable and I came away from the analysis with only one thought: We can likely expect a January traffic increase of about 14.2% over this months average levels.

Just like the stock market, our traffic levels never go straight up continually, but have very normal ups and downs depending on internal server & human issues and external environmental factors. While many of our stats are hundreds of percent up, so is the level of ‘content supply’ competition in the marketplace for the attention of our installed and future readership base… and this requires continual innovation and urgency in our actions.

Recommendation: Continue writing quality original articles and submit them this and next week so that you can participate further in the anticipated 14.2% January rise in traffic.

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