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Mike BergPumping you up in this week’s author spotlight is bodybuilder and fitness trainer Mike Berg.

One of the reasons Mike was chosen this week is for the connection he’s made between what he writes about and his author photo. Without even looking at his articles, you have a pretty good idea of what Mike’s expertise might be. I thought this article was an interesting read as it dispelled some misconceptions I had about fitness and exercise.

Lastly, Mike does a great job of following the cardinal rule of Resource Box construction by including an actual http:// URL to help ensure that the link is active when his articles are republished.


Rascal iles writes:

WOW! All that I seem to be able to say anymore when I read thes excellent, informative necessary’s.

Thanks Gang!

Blessings … I Love You :)

Rascal Russ :))

Please e-mail Rascal.Miles@gmail.com to be signed up for recieving things that interest me and for being placed upon “My Good Buddy’s” Mailing list :)

Comment provided November 4, 2006 at 8:15 AM


Ed Howes writes:


Please help me! I quit working out thirty years ago and now my bones have turned into fat. Here I sit before my computer, a mere puddle of a man my son rolls around the house for his perverted entertainment. What do I do now? :-) How’s that for a visual image? 50 years old eh? This is your lifetime jubilee. If it has not been special so far, make it so. Congratulations on receiving, the highly coveted Author Spotlight Mike and thanks for reminding me to stop procrastinating on my own fitness program.


Another good pick, but you are slipping. No link to the article you read. I had to go to Mike’s bio and find it. Now I have a splitting headache from all that effort. :-)

Comment provided November 4, 2006 at 4:55 PM


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