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I was just musing about how happy I am to see this blog mention in “Tech Tonic” today… because they said, “Submit your good articles to Ezine Articles” as a tip in their “10 important tips to get your blog noticed” article.

Notice they didn’t say, submit your crappy or your poor articles, but no… they said, ‘good’ articles. Notice they didn’t mention any of our competitors either. Nice. :-)

This tells me that all of the repetition in the EzineArticles newsletter and this blog about the importance of quality original articles has had market impact… if only in small victories like this blog mention today.

One Note: If you read the article on Tech Tonic, I wholeheartily agree that you should never use automatic submission tools to spam your blog to the search engines. Best way to get included in the search engines is to build a great website that by its very nature encourages others to link to you to provide value for their audience and you’ll be found & indexed pretty quickly…and of course, Google XML Sitemaps are encouraged as is following their webmaster best practices guidelines.

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Vickie Smith writes:

I am so excited to find your site and to start submitting articles by our authors! Your site was very professional and I look foward to what I believe may become a very profitable and rewarding experience.
Vickie Smith, pres. of Ark Essentials Publishing.com

Comment provided November 13, 2006 at 6:03 PM


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