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I can’t believe that I have not purchased an HD (hi definition) TV yet! It’s almost un-geeklike of me considering what an electronics and gadget nerd I am. So, I turned to the EzineArticles database to educate myself on the differences in HD displays and found this excellent article: Eye Candy? Which Wins? 1080i vs 720p And What About 1080p?

And I realized WOW, I can use Bob Wood’s resource box to illustrate an example of what an excellent benefit-driven RESOURCE BOX should be like:

Bob Wood cuts through confusion and technical detail to offer a clear guide: what you need to know to shop wisely; how to then maximize the performance of your Home Theater system. His website, http://www.GreatHomeTheater.com has been called “refreshingly easy to understand!”

Notice he reiterates his full name (builds credibility), quickly identifies his unique selling proposition in multiple ways and even throws in some social proof about telling what others have said about his website. This is brilliant! Nice job Bob. He even was smart about using the full http:// URL and without any commas or periods near it that might mess up the URL as it goes into syndication.

Ok, now what kind of HD display am I going to buy?

I’m torn because I’d like to go directly to the 1080p but there are large downsides to having a monitor on the leading edge, namely needing to spend more money to remove lower quality 1080p’s that might have problem with high-speed motion along with the lack of 1080p programming available and Best Buy only had one rack of HD DVD’s… and then there’s the HD chain of things I’ll need to bring my life up to speed including HD Tivo (for TimeShifting), HD Slingbox (for PlaceShifting), and an HD DVD player. Dang!

Bob’s article above makes a good argument for buying a 720p screen because I’ll be able to get a much larger HD monitor for much less in price and the noticeable difference will be negligible.

Do you have an HD TV yet and if so, what lesson did you learn in the process of buying one?

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Susan Scharfman writes:

Not only is Bob Wood’s excellent article helpful, Michael Casamento’s Guide to Buying Your Next TV is everything you wanted to know about the subject but were too stupid to ask. Even if you are not ready for a plasma TV yet, you will be informed when you do buy one. 720p vs. 1080i? You gotta know this stuff. Thank you to Chris for the heads up.

Just got my mug and love it.


Comment provided November 28, 2006 at 9:58 AM


Ed Howes writes:

Not only is Bob’s a great resource box, but the quote is borne out by the article. My son just broke down and bought a 27″ HD conventional tube set and a satellite system. I don’t know what format the set uses and my son is not handy to ask. He has no HD source material beyond broadcast but a very large collection of standard DVDs. At the electronics store, we were browsing the shelves and he spotted a standard DVD player which gives improved resolution of standard DVDs on an HD set and the price was right at $100. He had no opportunity to audition but if it works as claimed, one can put off replacing the standard DVD collection with HDs. Me, I have been getting off on XM radio, XM Cafe. Only one or two hit songs per hour and some remarkable covers of old favorites.

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