Add EzineArticles Search To Your Browser

This has got to be the COOLEST functionality that we added in a long time:

You can now search WITHOUT having to visit our site first and you can do this from the comfort of your browser search box (works best with FireFox 2/newer or IE7).


Essentially, is now a “Specialty Search Provider” and you can search for content from your browser to speed up your ability to find what you’re looking for…FAST! Cool, eh?

Are We There Yet?

EzineArticles expert Volodymyr Zablotskyy blogged about his EzineArticles experience: EzineArticles- How Soon Can You See Results

Volodymyr is right that Platinum level authors get much faster approval times as we’re backed up 2 weeks on Basic-level membership submissions. He’s also right that he doesn’t have enough data yet to pass judgement on how effective article submission with can be. Some expert authors have told us that 25 articles is where the traffic party begins but I think it’s closer to 100-250 articles before you have enough data to judge effectively how the strategy is working or not working for your business.

Mind Petals Gets A Mug

Another EzineArticles mug blog siting to share tonight, this time from EzineArticles expert author David Askaripour.

David said, “Talk about great marketing. The first thing that I wanted to do after receiving this gift was to post a new article to their database. It was a desire that I had to “give back” in an effort to thank them for their generosity and thoughtfulness.”

Cool! I love how the power or law of reciprocity keeps cycling because we already thought you deserved the token gift of the mug even if you didn’t log in and submit any more articles; but when you do submit more quality original articles… well, that keeps the cycle going and makes us want to keep working harder to continue earning the trust and respect of our members/users.

There Are No Boring Subjects…

Saw this quote on Gary Bencivenga’s copywriting site:

“There Are No Boring Subjects,
Only Boring Writers”

Gary was talking about writing direct response copy and making sure that the 5W1H formula (Who, What, Where, When, Why and How) gets addressed…but I know many of the same copywriting secrets that make sales-boosting copy also create high traffic generating article content.

Some questions to ask yourself as you’re writing your next series or sets of articles:

(o) Who am I writing this article to?
(o) What do they want or need to know?
(o) Why is it important to them?
(o) How specifically can they get into action from the information I’m sharing?
(o) When is it important to them to act?
(o) Where should they go to learn more? (ANSWER=YOUR RESOURCE BOX!)

HD TV and Resource Box Anatomy

I can’t believe that I have not purchased an HD (hi definition) TV yet! It’s almost un-geeklike of me considering what an electronics and gadget nerd I am. So, I turned to the EzineArticles database to educate myself on the differences in HD displays and found this excellent article: Eye Candy? Which Wins? 1080i vs 720p And What About 1080p?

And I realized WOW, I can use Bob Wood’s resource box to illustrate an example of what an excellent benefit-driven RESOURCE BOX should be like:

Bob Wood cuts through confusion and technical detail to offer a clear guide: what you need to know to shop wisely; how to then maximize the performance of your Home Theater system. His website, has been called “refreshingly easy to understand!”

Notice he reiterates his full name (builds credibility), quickly identifies his unique selling proposition in multiple ways and even throws in some social proof about telling what others have said about his website. This is brilliant! Nice job Bob. He even was smart about using the full http:// URL and without any commas or periods near it that might mess up the URL as it goes into syndication.
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Cyber Monday

Today is CyberMonday and in this hemisphere, it means the busiest online shopping day of the holiday season. Fox News reported that 61 million people are going to be making purchases online today. Traffic here has been good, but it’s not off the scale.

As I was reading articles about Cyber Monday, most talked about how most people would be using broadband connected fast computers AT WORK to make their holiday purchases today.

Last Friday, eBay was making a pitch that you should sleep in on Friday instead of going to the mall and that you could (of course) find everything you need for the holidays on eBay.

This got me thinking: The majority of people who read this blog are entrepreneurs who don’t have to sneak off to go buy stuff online during the work day instead of doing it at home, but there are hundreds of thousands of people who would like to be netpreneurs sometime in the next few months or years… and they could benefit from starting right now, writing articles at night or on their lunch break to begin the multi-month, multi-year grass-roots process of building up a level of qualified visitors and traffic to their website that can be monetized at a later date.

Ok, that’s a stretch, I admit it… :-)

Will The Real Step Forward

Ohh wait a minute, that’s right… it’s us! Don’t be fooled by others who claim to be “EzineArticles” or “Ezine Articles” or begins talking about your Ezine Articles membership …because  there’s only one original.

Thankfully, our members are very smart and are not fooled easily.

EzineArticles as a Research Library

Susan wrote in to say, “I got to say you saved me! I had an essay to complete by next week and needed 15 references on my paper. I found so much great information that it just was like nothing! I’m doing on Customer Service and it Really will help me alot! :)Thanks for being here for me and I’m sure for alot of other people in general.”

Normally we post testimonials of authors who received outstanding results from their article writing & marketing efforts, but tonight I thought it would be fun to share one that just came in from a college student. When we started EzineArticles, we never intended to be a resource for students but are pleased that they can reap value from the expertise contained within :-)

More EzineArticles Mug Shot Mentions

EzineArticles expert author Allen Taylor recently wrote an article about his experience receiving the “I Love EzineArticles” 15 oz mug: So What’s Wrong With A Little Shameless Self-Promotion?

EzineArticles expert author Cynthia McKenna recently wrote about her EzineArticles mug in her CounselingBlog and sent us this ‘mugshot’ photo:

Here are some assembly line photos from the team that put them together last week:

Impact of Microsoft IE7 browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer had lost me more than 2 years ago (or whenever the FireFox browser first came out)… but today, I upgraded my MSIE 6.xx browser to the new IE 7.

You might ask, Why bother with Microsoft IE 7 if we’re perfectly happy with Mozilla FireFox?

The first reason is the same one you should have if you don’t have it already: To see how our/your websites look like in the new browser and review any visual oddities that may need some HTML code adjustments just in case IE7 becomes the world browser standard.

I’m excited about IE7 for quite a few reasons, none of which have to do with me switching back to IE instead of FireFox (because that ain’t gonna happen just yet).

1) First, did you notice that IE7 looks nearly identical to FireFox? This is a good thing because it means the IE7 dev team was probably using FireFox when they developed their version of it. (Shhh, it’ll be our little secret.)
2) I expect IE7 to give Microsoft’s LIVE and/or MSN portal an off-the-scale boost in traffic (look at the charts for the past year) because it’ll be the default search engine in IE7. Yes, I already changed my IE7 to Google for the default SE (duh :-) and added Yahoo and a few others to it, but I’m not confident the masses will care to improve the quality of their IE7 browser to include a better quality search engine (Sorry MSFT). This will give Microsoft’s search engine a rise in query volume by critical masses who will default with it…and thus, elevate their importance.

I have not seen Googles marketing yet to help educate IE7 users to add them to the search defaults, but I’ve seen Yahoo doing a lot of direct-to-member marketing to convert to a Yahoo branded IE7.

3) EzineArticles expert author Matt Ambrose summed up my feelings on the gigantinormic impact (that’s a word I just made up) of how IE7 is going to move RSS forward into the mainstream. Read Matt’s article: Internet Explorer 7 = RSS Consumption Explosion

Our tens of thousands of EzineArticles RSS feeds are single handedly responsible for MILLIONS of page views of annual traffic already… and the best part: The traffic is HIGHLY pre-qualified! Read this paragraph a few times and then go make sure you have your own RSS feeds available on your site. This is huge people! :-)

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