Wanted: Insurance Articles

Insurance! It’s the thing that we ALL need, but we never like paying for.

Today, if you are one of the 361 expert authors who have written about your area of insurance expertise or you have yet to submit your insurance articles, this is your call to submit your best original articles in any of the brand new insurance categories we’re debuting today:

Did we miss any major insurance sub-categories that we should have?

It’s been suggested that we should have one for “Snowmobiles”…


Carol Fontano writes:

The categories specifically relating to Seniors are absent. Those categories/subcategories include “MediCare/Supplemental” and “MediCare/Part C”. I would include “Proprietary” also, since the industry is changing, creating niche products which are “crossovers”. Additionally, it could be argued that “Group” is a category missing from your list.

Comment provided June 21, 2012 at 6:31 PM


Carol –

Thank you so much for your suggestion – we’ll add these to our list of potential categories. Depending on the number of requests we receive, you may see one or more of these added in the near future.

– Marc


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