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One of the key ways that we drive pre-qualified traffic to your freshest article submissions is via a series of permission-based email alerts for all 301 categories or niches that we serve. The email alerts go out as a daily summary at 2pm CST every day.

A year ago we had 2,647 members receiving new article alerts, but today we are serving 16,285 permission-based email members who receive new article alerts daily for their category(ies) of choice.

Example: There are 114 members on our “Nutrition” email alert list and they only receive new article alerts when new “Nutrition” articles are available. The key here is that the content is highly relevant to the member requesting to be notified of it.

More email list trivia: The EzineArticles weekly/periodic newsletter goes out to 16,066 members and the EzineArticles blog notification list reaches 456 members.

As a goal, I’d like to see us delivering daily targeted new article alerts to 32,000+ permission-based members by the end of the year… and we’re open to your feedback for how we could improve this service to make it more attractive/valuable.

Email list server maintenance update: On Monday of this week our email list server stopped responding to our normal daily and weekly maintenance… Members who tried to change lists or use the ‘manage your subscription’ tool did not get reliable results. Thursday we had a new server with 4x the performance online and the cut-over was completed by Friday.

Question: If you are on one of our daily 2pm CST email alert lists, I’m curious: Do you like the current release time or would you like to receive the alerts earlier or later in the day and if so, what time of day would be best (please include time zone or give us +/- GMT so we know what time you mean)?


George Lockett writes:

I would suggest sending a press release out through and advertse the expansion of grass routes article writing and explain about your permission based RRS feeds.

I would also like to see you add PodCasts to your data base there is an excellent training course for doing this at:


Comment provided October 7, 2006 at 1:37 PM



Thanks for the suggestion.

At this time, we won’t be adding podcasts to our site as that would take us too far off-purpose, but we do have an extensive collection of Podcast/Podcasting articles:

Comment provided October 7, 2006 at 1:46 PM


Edward Weiss writes:

Regarding the podcasting comments, I could see an opportunity for someone to create a podcast article directory. It would be unique and may just work. Not that I would do it… just a thought. :)

Comment provided October 7, 2006 at 1:57 PM


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