Carla Vaughan – Author Spotlight

Carla Vaughan

In the Author Spotlight this week is author and HR and Career Planning guru, Carla Vaughan. In reviewing her articles, the one thing that I immediately spotted was her segmentation on really the same topic, but for specific jobs or industries. For example, here is a quick list of the articles I am referring to:

Marketing Managers Need Cover Letters, Too?
Cover Letters for Administrative Assistants
Cover Letters for Teachers: How to Get the Best Job
The Real Estate Agent Resume: Is Yours Helping You Get More Clients?
Cover Letters for Graphic Designers

This is an interesting twist on a subject Chris brought up awhile back in his blog post about writing articles for specific geographical locations. Here though, Carla has adapted that to her niche and created articles for specific job seekers. This is a great idea and something I think most people could implement to target different groups with their writing. Lastly, I recommend this article Carla has about dealing with writer’s block – something we all have faced on occasion.

Graham Jones Interviews Chris Knight

EzineArticles expert Graham Jones recently interviewed me on: How writing articles helps promote a small business, how to ensure people will connect with me in the article, how to help the reader to know that I am qualified to help them, how to make it easy for people to find my articles, figuring out which tricks will ensure your articles will be highly usable, what the most popular topics are today for articles, how to make your articles stand out and the (#1) tip that all small business owners should know about article writing.


Sheri McConnell – Author Spotlight

Sheri McConnellThis week’s Author Spotlight is on Sheri McConnell, a suggestion from one of our editors that had reviewed her articles. In addition to being an Platinum Author, Sheri is also the the President of the National Association of Women Writers. When I asked the editor that suggested Sheri for the spotlight this week why she picked Sheri, she said:

“Her incoming articles are all approval ready, nothing needing to be fixed or tweaked at all. Also, her articles are very well organized … they’re reader friendly – good voice behind the writing. It’s obvious she knows what she’s talking about …”

Looking at Sheri’s articles, they appear to have perfect article mechanics: Good keyword intelligent titles, clean and concise original content as well great structure from an approving editor’s standpoint. The last comment made by the editor was “I can just scan and approve, especially knowing it’s an article of Sheri’s.” So the article writing lesson here is that if a little extra time is taken when submitting to make sure the article is “approval ready” chances are the submitted article will be approved much quicker. :-)

Using The EzineArticles Advanced Search

A few months ago we realized that the regular and advanced search in our left navigation was being hammered so hard that it was slowing the entire site down. On an average day, we deliver a low of 12,000 queries to a high of 35,000 queries and because of that, we’ve dedicated a high-end server to search services only.

Most folks know about our left nav search box, but very few use our advanced search option.

From the ADVANCED SEARCH engine on our site, you can create very specific searches by:

  • Keyword or keyphrase
  • Which component of the article you want to search in
  • Which category (over 300+ to choose from) you want to search in *or* all of them
  • Which country you want to search in *or* all of them (very handy if you want to isolate your search to the perspective of someone from your own country)
  • Whether you want only Platinum level articles (separates the wheat from the chaff)
  • If you want an Exact match or Any match on your search
  • And you can narrow your search by word count (very handy for publishers looking for content that matches their word count ideal match)

One of our internal goals is to unlock the quality/quantity of content within so that publishers and users of our site can find lightning-fast access to the exact type of content or information they are seeking. We’ll continue for now to use the Google-enhanced search engine on top of the site, but for direct access to the entire database of articles, you’ll want to use the left navigation search engine.

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Oldest Article Submission to Newest

Here’s a trend that I’ve noticed over the past 10 days as our article approval turn around for BASIC level members is about 7-10 days instead of the normal 1-3 day target:

An author that submitted an article 7 days ago will think that we are rejecting their article by not approving or rejecting it, so they log in and EDIT the article to improve it somehow, make it less of a sales pitch or fix an unimportant sentence structure or grammar error in their article…to try and make it more perfect and when they do that… Guess what happens?
The article submission date becomes today’s date and their article goes to the back of the line instead of the front of the line.

What to do instead: When we’re under an unusually high incoming load, it’s best to just not edit the article and let us accept or reject it. Know that we are actively hiring more full-time article approval and quality control Associate Editors and we will return back to our target of 1-3 days for BASIC level article submission reviews.

If you’re a Platinum member, I bet you haven’t even noticed that we’re backlogged?…one of the many benefits of earning Platinum level membership. ;-)

10,001 Articles

Holy articles batman! EzineArticles expert author Lance Winslow has submitted his 10,001th article!

Congratulations Lance! Here are two of his recent articles relating to article writing & marketing:

It’s neat that in every industry, there is always a very small handful of people who rise to the top…some by quality, some by quantity, some by a little of both. It may be well into 2008 before someone meets Lance’s level of article submissions.

Just like Lance put a ~6700 article wedge between himself and the nearest EzineArticles expert (Aussie Michael Russel), we aim to do the same here at; each day we work hard to separate the value and service that we deliver vs. the nearest competitor. Perhaps you do the same in your niche?

Wanted: Insurance Articles

Insurance! It’s the thing that we ALL need, but we never like paying for.

Today, if you are one of the 361 expert authors who have written about your area of insurance expertise or you have yet to submit your insurance articles, this is your call to submit your best original articles in any of the brand new insurance categories we’re debuting today:

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PLR *Yawn*

You may already know that we don’t accept private label rights content, but lately a few PLR providers have asked us to become their enforcement division by asking us to shut down EzineArticles accounts when their PLR members submit their PLR content to us against their own limited reprint rights TOS.

What’s really funny: Who should we believe? The guy who owns or created the PLR content or the EzineArticles member who submitted it? You already know our low opinion of PLR content and those who engage in it.

It’s almost even more absurd to contemplate how a PLR service provider can begin to enforce copyright when they know what type of clients they are getting by selling PLR content in the first place — The very nature of PLR is in its non-exclusive rights license… Heck, most of the PLR producers encourage rewriting (Arrghhh!) and that’s the very reason why we work very hard to keep it out of our site!

So, in closing, a few words of advice to our authors/members: Be a real expert and don’t buy PLR content. You can do better than that.

Dr. Scot Lewey – Author Spotlight

Dr. Scot LeweyThe Author Spotlight this week shines on Dr. Scot Lewey, “The Food Doc.” One of the primary reasons Dr. Lewey was chosen this week was the creative use of his professional photo gallery. Instead of the normal larger head shots or poses, Dr. Lewey has used his professional gallery as a graphical display of his medical specialty and to a certain extent visual prop for his topic matter. While not a big fan of the surgery shows on the Discover Channel and such that show the inner workings of the human body, I had no problem “stomaching” (huge pun intended) his gallery and it made me want to delve into his articles when I saw these photos come in.

We often talk about finding your niche in article writing and Dr. Lewey has definitely done this, using his medical speciality and expertise as the subject matter of his articles. As the father of two young boys with food allergy and GI issues, I personally found his articles very interesting.

From an EzineArticles stand point I loved his articles because they’re well put together, a classic Resource Box and good submission quality.

Two lessons to take from Dr. Lewey’s articles and author spotlight: Be creative in your use of the tools presented for you and if you’re having trouble finding your article writing niche or topics to write articles on, find that one thing you excel in or enjoy the most and you’ll have found your niche.

Social Intelligence

The last few months I’ve been reading The Long Tail by Chris Anderson. Today, I’m reading a book called Social Intelligence, The New Science of Human Relationships by Daniel Goleman.

This book is from the author who wrote about emotional intelligence, but the angle that interests me is how our daily encounters on the web and in real-life affects the cells in our bodies down to the level of our genes and then back up to our emotional level. Daniel’s basic discovery is that we humans are designed for sociability and that we are constantly engaged in a neural dance to connect ourselves brain-to-brain with others around us.

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