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Currently, we are not accepting new advertisers directly and have been referring all inquires to Google Adwords and to select “Site Targeting: EzineArticles.com” to get your ads on our site.

In the near future, we’ve been working on plans to open up EzineArticles.com for direct targeting of text ads (with nofollow rel tags to ensure you’re investing in advertising for qualified leads and targeted traffic) in each of our 301 categories. For those who wish to advertise on EzineArticles.com, we’ve setup a pre-launch list that you can subscribe to today to be notified in advance of our public launch: [Click Here To Subscribe To Our Advertise on EzineArticles.com Alert List]

15 New Health & Fitness Categories

The 15 New Health & Fitness Article Categories:

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Word Count Data-Mining Study

I went data mining (means to drill figuratively into a database to analyze data or data about data (meta-data)) to try and prove my gut feeling that articles less than 500 words outperform articles with more than 500 words in terms of total page views of traffic earned per article.

Over time, I found my hypothesis to be true, but it was only true over time and almost never true in the short-term. Check out the 6 charts below that cover my 27 day analysis period of 2005 vs. 2006 for various word count ranges:

Here is a chart for the first 27 days of September 2005:

ime Period 2005-9-1 to 2005-9-27
Word Amount Articles >= 500 Articles < 500
Total Articles 4,522 4,574
Total Views 2,481,420 2,743,964
Average Views 548 599

Compared to the first 27 days of 2006:

Time Period 2006-9-1 to 2006-9-27
Word Amount Articles >= 500 Articles < 500
Total Articles 8,439 10,857
Total Views 616,624 730,602
Average Views 73 67

Mini-Conclusion based on 500 word analysis: In the short-term, shorter articles receive less traffic than larger articles, but over the long-term, shorter articles outperform longer articles. However, the difference is negligible.

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Ghostwriter Checklist

Before you hire a ghostwriter to write articles for you, here’s a simple checklist you can use to make sure you don’t get taken for a ride or find your EzineArticles account suspended:

____) Will the content be original works only?
____) Will I own the exclusive rights to the content?
____) Have I checked each article received from the ghostwriter in CopyScape or performed random complex sentences searches in Google, Yahoo and MSN to make sure it’s really original works?

What else should be on your ghostwriter quality checklist?

Casino-Gambling Content End

As of this morning, we are no longer accepting articles on anything Casino or Gambling related and all articles have been removed in that category. This was a tough decision because of our desire to balance the needs of our authors & publishers vs. the needs of our advertisers.

In addition, we are no longer accepting articles with any variation on the “F” word due to complaints received. This only impacts a very small number of articles. We’re also working retroactive to help authors edit their articles if the F word was used or remove them all together if the message can’t be delivered right without the use of the F word. This F word decision was not one that we made lightly, but we knew it was one that had to be made to ensure the long-term success of the website.

What’s really interesting is that the greater majority of usage of the F-word were not relating to the act that it describes, but in the use of the word as a descriptor of intensity or from quoting a movie or song lyrics. In any case, its time has come and passed for our site and thanks for understanding.

Author Spotlight – Rikki Arundel

Rikki ArundelThis week’s Author Spotlight is on International Keynote Speaker, Rikki Arundel. While only having 13 articles, the quality and consistency of her submissions quickly elevated her to Platinum Status with EzineArticles.com. Good use of keywords in her titles, pretty much spot on in regards to article content and length and her Resource Boxes are great too.

When reviewing Rikki’s articles, this one really struck a chord with me as I had just experieced something very similar to what she describes on a recent shopping trip:
Small Business Marketing Tip – Putting the Customer First

Finally, Rikki went an extra-step by adding EzineArticles.com to her ma.gnolia.com bookmarks under her profile. Nice job Rikki!

Stick With EzineArticles, Yes

Nanci writes me, “Hi Chris! If I use Ezine by writing articles (I’ve already written 3) is it necessary for me to buy software that automatically submits my articles to hundreds of other sites that allow free article writing or am I better off just sticking with you? Thanks so much!”

I can only offer a biased answer so, YES, you should just stick with us for the highest yield on your time and the greatest traffic return for your article submission time investment.

Do you really know where your content is going or how they will use it when you “blast” it to the wind?

17 New Sports Categories

Call For Sports Articles: Are you a sports expert or an expert in any of our new 17 categories of sports & recreation? If so, this is your call to submit your best articles on any of the topics below (or any sports related articles for that matter).

Despite my interest in all things fitness, running, cycling, racquetball, etc… I’m not actually a sports nut. I’d rather play a sport any day than watch one on TV. Sorry if your favorite sport didn’t make the cut for the new line up of article categories. My favorite sport didn’t make the cut either (racquetball).

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Downside To Fractionalized Sub-Categories?

Recently EzineArticles Real Estate expert, Luigi Frascati sent in some private crtisicim and I asked him for permission to publicly post his thoughts so that I could respond to them. Essentially, his main argument is, “I do not believe it is such a good idea to fractionalize categories into so many sub-categories. It dilutes the quantity of views from the readership.”

Here’s his full email reprinted with permission and my response:

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Article Marketing for Entrepreneurs

EzineArticles expert Scott Allen did a (2) part interview with me, one on how Article Marketing can be used by Entrepreneurs and then an interview on my own entrepreneurial past and some wisdom or tips for entrepreneurs:

* Article Marketing for Entrepreneurs

* An Interview with Internet Entrepreneur Christopher Knight

I had fun with this interview and have always respected Scott’s networking smarts.

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