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Jeanette Joy FischerToday’s Author Spotlight is “Home Staging Queen” (AKA, America’s “Dream Home” Maker) Jeanette Joy Fisher. Jeanette was picked this week because she has over 350+ articles, has leveraged her core “expertness” into related articles…and always shows marketing/branding smarts/consistency in her efforts.

When you look at Jeanette’s Extended Author Bio, her focus on Real Estate jumps off the page because of the books she has authored and the volume of articles she has submitted in that category.

If you dig a little deeper though, you start seeing landscaping, interior decorating and other related interior design psychology articles to homes and real estate. In addition, Jeanette also includes articles in a few unrelated-to-real-estate areas that she is also an expert in.

What can you take from Jeanette’s example? While you can focus on articles that are your “bread and butter”, occasionally have some fun and write about things you enjoy outside of your core field.

Another thing “Joy” does very well (besides being upbeat and cheery :-) — She consistently markets with articles. Just like any good marketing, consistency and follow through are key to win the race over the long haul.


Ed Howes writes:

For Joy!

My interest in real estate has been limited to my desire for raw land and building my dream house. Though I am attached to my owner built, unfinished, earth sheltered, high desert shanty. I stopped scrolling when I got to next 100 articles. Found enough reading in the first 100 to last weeks and don’t dare look further now. I always liked drawing floor plans and always felt there were too many things I did not consider due to ignorance. Jeanette’s list says she can help me solve that problem and move me one step closer to living in that house. I owe her – and I owe Wally for another great choice. Surely there is some law against the fun Wally is having with these spotlights.

Comment provided August 17, 2006 at 10:24 AM


Lance Winslow writes:

Hey You know what; Joy kicks butt!

Keep up the GREAT Work! I love your articles and people could sure learn a lot from you!

Continued success in all your endeavors Joy.

Comment provided August 17, 2006 at 3:41 PM


Jen C writes:

Thanks for this regular feature Chris – it’s always useful to see how other people are successfully using articles to promote their online businesses.

Comment provided August 19, 2006 at 3:10 AM


Pamela Beers writes:

JJ, I found your articles to be informative and thought provoking. Thanks for sharing your expertise in a field that I’ve been interested in for a long time. I am anxious to read the rest of your articles.

Comment provided August 19, 2006 at 10:10 AM


Pamela Beers writes:

Oops! I can’t believe I forgot to congratulate you on being chosen for the spotlight. So-o-o CONGRATULATIONS JEANETTE JOY!! :-))

Comment provided August 19, 2006 at 10:13 AM


Jeanette Fisher writes:

Wow! I went away for a week and missed all this! Thank you!

Ed, I’d love to help you with your dream home. One of our projects is “Green Design.” We just finished remodeling our own home with Earth-friendly products and I learned a lot to write about. How can I help you with your dream home?

Joy to you all! (My Southern connection comes out once in awhile.)

Comment provided August 24, 2006 at 2:46 PM


Ed Howes writes:

Oh Joy!

Glad you were not long gone. I’ve seen you round the website and think you are kinda special. You can’t do a thing to help me design my house until I have found time to read more than a dozen of your articles. This blog takes all my free time :-) After I have properly studied your instructions, I can promise twenty questions. Enjoy what free time you now have. It might not llast.

Comment provided August 24, 2006 at 3:50 PM


Ed Howes writes:

An dincha go wondren off lak thet, heyah?

Comment provided August 24, 2006 at 4:05 PM


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