Got 25-2000+ Articles?

Last year we ran a test where we invited high-volume authors with 100 or more articles to have our staff be their FREE Article Submission Admin — basically submitting articles for them to us. Since that time, we’ve implemented a new set of processes and are going to make that offer again, starting today. So if you’re interested in having us upload articles for you, visit here: and send ’em on in.

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RSS Stylesheets

An anonymous person asked me yesterday, “Why your RSS feeds don’t work. For example: loads the webpage, not the xml information. That’s gonna KILL your chances of being syndicated.”

Our network admin had this to say, “They don’t understand its pure XML, just displayed in a stylesheet.”

Translation: We made our RSS pages look friendly for humans thanks to CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), but still function 100% as raw XML feeds should function.

Josh Hinds Interviews Chris Knight

EzineArticles expert Josh Hinds interviewed me for this project. [READ THE INTERVIEW HERE]

Josh has many other cool interviews on his website including Kyle Wilson of Jim Rohn International, Chris Widener of Made For Success, Joe Vitale, and many others. (side note: Jim Rohn, Chris Widener and Joe Vitale are also EzineArticles expert authors) As I was answering Josh’s interview questions, my mind wandered into our own business networking articles and I found this gem that had a small influence on my interview answers: 62 Ways to MAXIMIZE Your Approachability

Further Networking Opportunity: Wanna Be LinkedIn With Me?

Curing Slow Writeritus

Buffy writes, “My problem is that it can take me several days to write even one short article. How in the world am I ever going to be able to do this article marketing thing if it takes me forever to write a single article?”

Good question… let’s put on our night running shoes and go slay some writers block demons: First, if you are taking several days to write a short 500 word article, girlfriend what are you doing with your time? Do this: Get a stop watch near your computer. Set an intention and goal to write 200 words per hour (to start with). Break it up into 50 words per 15 minute segments if you have to. Force yourself to crank out the first 15 minutes of this writing exercise.

Writing articles is like any muscle…the more you use it, the stronger you become at writing quality content very quickly. Personally, the only time I slow down my writing pace is when I’m lost, unfocused, and don’t have a clear purpose for why I’m writing. When that happens, I take a few steps back, look at the big picture to consider why the article I’m writing is important and who I’m hoping to influence or impact with the content.

How about you? Do you have a cure for the slow article writing blues?

B2B vs. B2C Article Writing?

Trish writes, “Is this marketing approach more beneficial for a B2B company, a B2C company, or pretty much good for both types?”

Answer: Article writing, marketing, syndication/distribution is beneficial for both types of articles. Wherever/whenever people from any industry or personal interest have questions left unanswered, you can be assured that article marketing can meet the demand.

Trish asked, “How “commercial” can an article be in terms of promoting a company’s products or services? Is it best to stay away from any kind of pitch?”

Answer: The body of the article should not contain any pitch whatsoever. You “GIVE” in the article BODY and you “TAKE” in the RESOURCE BOX.

Trish asked, “Now be honest: Are there certain types of companies/industries that wouldn’t see much benefit from offering articles through”

Answer: Fair question. :-) First time that I’ve heard this one. You might be surprised by my answer:

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Interview Knight Project

Yesterday afternoon I did an experiment by sending 15k people on our email newsletter that I’m going to make myself available for 10 email-based interviews on September 7th… and they could ask me any questions regarding article writing or marketing as it applied to their niche.

The first 10 interview slots were taken up in 1 hour and 18 minutes. Many of the interview questions were very interesting…and you just never know how your market is thinking until you start asking them to ask you questions! :-)

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Tim Priebe – Author Spotlight

Tim PriebeToday’s Author Spotlight is on Tim Priebe, owner and designer at T&S Web Design. Tim was chosen this week for a couple of reason. When you check out his Expert Author Bio, the first thing you see is a nice original author photo he added. Nice touch.

As someone who dabbles in a little bit of site design here and there, I thought a few of his articles in particular were good reads:

Flashing Text, Music and Annoying Website Elements: The Carnies of the Web – Because I agree 110% with what he says here
Writing Your Website Copy Well – Everything he says applies to Article writing as well
My Domain Name is Already Taken – Good advice not only for people searching for a good domain name, but also for author’s whose chosen author name has already been established here on (hint: try variations of your name ;-) )
Checking Your Website in Multiple Browsers – Something every designer should, but doesn’t always, do!

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Length of Article Title Research

Under a variation in my name, “C. Michael Knight” — I created 2 niche articles about a 1973 Trans Am hobby website and posted them on EzineArticles about 90 days ago (May 15th, 2006).

Article Marketing Research Conclusion: A Longer article title resulted in a 56% higher distribution and a 147% higher actual qualified visitors referred over a shorter article title article on the same topic.

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Self-Serving Near Top of Article?

Stephen writes, “I was wondering if there was a possibility of having our “self serving” links that go in the “author resource” box be moved to the beginning of the article instead of on the bottom? The reason I am asking is because most people don’t necessarily read through the whole article – they’re in a rush. But if the first few paragraphs capture their attention, they can see the links on top of the article and go there if so desired instead of scrolling down to the bottom (assuming that they are aware of the links down there). What do you think? I would think this could help with the click through rate and bring traffic up to our sites. For instance, in the one week since signing up with Ezine, I’ve had 1500 page views but only a handful have clicked through to my sites.”

First, the answer: Sorry, no. Second, congrats on getting 1500 PV’s in one week! That’s not typical. You must be doing something right. :-) Most authors experience a 1-3% CTR directly from us and then another wave of more traffic from their articles as they enter syndication…and this snowballs over time. Let me share a perspective as to why we don’t allow self-serving active links at the top of your article:

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EzineArticles Hat or Shirt?

For fun, we’re considering ordering a few cases of something to give away with a promotion we’re planning for this fall… and we need your help with deciding if we should give away hats or shirts? Which would be more valued?

Hats (baseball cap) or T-shirt (beefy T or dri-fit)

We’re not sure of the color scheme or what will be on it; but assume we’ll ask you to help us decide when the time comes.

Most likely it’ll be something like “Syndicate This!” or “I’m An EzineArticles Expert Author” or “EzineArticles Zen Warrior” or “Insert some short quip here”.

Or should we scrap the whole T-shirt or Hat idea and just roll out another pallet of those I Love EzineArticlescoffee mugs?

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