June 2006 Stats

In June, we delivered 239,947 permission-based emails to our 11,932 members that have requested one or more daily email summaries of new articles approved in the 222 categories we currently support. The main EzineArticles newsletter goes out to 13,793 members and this blog has 381 members that receive email notifications.

2,895 articles (96 per day) were forwarded to a friend by our users and over 2 million visitors surfed the site. The peak traffic load is between Noon and 3pm CST. The lowest traffic time is from midnight to 1am CST and 3-4am CST. Peak day is Wednesday and lowest traffic day was Monday’s. Daily aggregate page views (PV’s) are over 100k.

Our users are primarily 72.6% on MSIE for their browser with 14.3% on FireFox, 3% on Safari, .9% on Netscape and .6% on Opera. 87.4% of our users are on Windows and 4.3% on Mac.

Two records were set last month as our 200,000th hand-approved article was accepted and Lance became the first author to submit more than 1,000 articles in a month:

Platinum : Lance Winslow – 1111
Platinum : Michael Russell – 592
Basic PLUS : Josh Riverside – 141
Platinum : Ross Bainbridge – 130
Platinum : Ugur Akinci – 130
Platinum : Richard Romando – 121
Basic PLUS : Eddie Tobey – 121
Basic PLUS : Jennifer Bailey – 120
Basic PLUS : Ken Marlborough – 119
Platinum : Steve Valentino – 118
Basic PLUS : Jimmy Sturo – 115
Platinum : Kent Pinkerton – 109
Platinum : Dr. Gary S. Goodman – 108
Platinum : Kristy Annely – 106
Platinum : Thomas Morva – 105
Platinum : Marcus Peterson – 101

(I included every expert author that submitted more than 100 articles in June for the above list)

We have many goals for July, mostly concerned with an increased concentration on improving quality internally with our systems and externally with the type of content we accept. Thanks for being part of the EzineArticles.com system and family of over 28,000 expert authors!


Lance Winslow writes:

Boy I am sure glad you mentioned QUALITY Chris because I have made it a point to ratchet up my quality a couple of notches. As an amateur writer, I now realize that if I want to increase my Ezine Publisher Pick-up Stats that I must write more clear, concise and careful articles. In fact I applaud you in your new Focus on Quality, both on the backend computer server side and backbone of the website, as well as and Especially on the Author Quality Side. I pledge to help too with my articles.

You see my articles are 40-60% Quality Level (averaging) or 1-10 scale a 4 or a 6 with some 8, 9, 10s. Now then I know that if I want more Ezine Editors to pick up my articles I need to make sure that they are all 80% and above? On a scale of one to ten that means I need solid 8s or higher. Meaning at one time I was settling for HS Journalism Class C+ or B- and up. My new goal for me and really not a bad idea for all authors really, as I am not alone should be 80% and above, while of course realizing that my 85-100% articles are really the ones, which will pull best for re-print. So, I hereby pledge to do better QUALITY and hope others will too.

I also see from reading articles on other online article submission websites that the articles here on this site are far superior as percentages go. I look to the very best writers here for my example to help me improve and realize that I need to be able to not only put out quantity, which is also important, but also quality too. It is not an either or as I now see with 1.9 Million (yes almost 2 million article views) but BOTH; Quality and Quantity. My goal is to reach 55,000 Ezine Publisher Pick-ups, by October 15. But now I am only at 38,000. The only way to reach this goal will be to write 500 or more Excellent Quality Articles. It will be a very tough challenge for such a novice writer like me.

Recently and I must admit it, my article quality has been slipping into the C, C- category on just too many articles. Indeed you must realize in my efforts to become the World All Time Leader in articles online, by Quantity my sole goal has been using the whole track to win the race. So, I knew NO BOUDARIES thus unless boundaries were set? Well, then I was only looking at the finish line (10,000 articles) and nothing else and since it is only about winning, I see the temptation to put out Quantity without the equally important if not more so goal of Quality.

Yet in achieving this, I now look back at some debris, articles which have a few spelling errors and grammatical issues. I am at 7600 articles now and last night I ditched about 75 off them; I erased them off my hard drive, how Ironic that Chris brings up Quality today as the goal moving forward? Reading my already posted articles, well often it is a little embarrassing really, as I feel I can do so much better now. But since those articles are all over the Internet now, all I can do is write better articles going forward. The more QUALITY articles on this site, the more everyone benefits. Thus the more QUALITY articles we all must write.

The way I see it is now that this site has such incredible traffic due to volume and quantity, all the Authors of articles; Amateurs and Professionals a like stand to really gain in concentrating on QUALITY from here forward. And actually in hindsight, I wish I had started sooner. I hope everyone who looks at my future articles, as an example of acceptable article quality will indeed by proud and follow suit.

In fact I have one simple piece of advice. Pass your completed articles to another person to read before posting it. If you have a professional editor, it is worth it. If you cannot afford a professional or none is nearby then read it twice, fix mistakes, re-write or ditch a sentence or even as paragraph if it is vague or causes confusion, then have a friend, significant other or even a total stranger read it too. I found I can be in Starbucks Coffee shop and people are willing to read them and point out mistakes or confusing points. They will point out mistakes and then one more final read and you will have your 80% Quality Article. After 7400 Articles posted this is a simple piece of advice I might give to you as an online article writer. If anyone else has any advice to help me write more quality articles let me know, because I could certainly use some assistance from some of the wonderful and qualified writers on this site. I look to you for guidance, camaraderie and Team Work. We can do this. Quality and Quantity, now and forever!

Comment provided July 10, 2006 at 5:05 PM



I agree that it pays to have another set of eyes proof your articles, even if that person is not a ‘proofreader’ by profession.

:-) Great point!

Comment provided July 10, 2006 at 7:35 PM


Ed Howes writes:

Great testimonial Lance,

Your recent commitment to improving quality is already evident in your blog posts and personal communications. I took an opposite approach. I only had a limited amount to say to the world and I was determined from the beginning I should never be embarrassed about how I said it. Now when I read my older stuff, I think it very good for a beginner and as a matter of process it has improved since. Which is the whole point. We are individually and collectively in process, as is all the competition, some of which is very progressive. That is, a certain amount of quality improvement is obvious and natural and commitment speeds the process. There is just no scarcity of tools and opportunities any more. See them, use them, grow wise. Lance, congratulations on your keen observation and new found clarity of purpose.

Comment provided July 14, 2006 at 12:14 PM


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