Dale King interviews Chris Knight

EzineArticles expert author Dale King interviewed me for his website, GuruKnowledge. [Read The Full Interview]

In the interview, you’ll discover more about my ~20 years of being online (Yes, I was 16 when I went online and 14 when I had my first computer), why I think some Internet Marketing newbies find instant success, which training product should be in the hands of every Internet Marketer (hint), and one piece of advice I left for Dale’s readers to think about. Hope you enjoy the Interview. :]

SBI! SiteBuildIt Authors Wanted

We are in the middle of compiling a special report of best-practices for EzineArticles authors who use the SiteBuildIt! content system.

If you are an EzineArticles expert author and use SBI! for your content management system (ie: the stuff that runs your website), please leave a comment on this blog entry [or contact us privately] and let us know if you are open to being used for a case-study example. Thanks!

Writing Articles in Pairs of Two? YES!

You’ve heard me talk about how writing articles in sets can help save time, increase your productivity and ultimately, help you produce more results with your article writing content than producing one single article at a time.

Today, I want to encourage you to consider writing articles in pairs of two’s. Here’s why this strategy is effective, especially with how the EzineArticles system works:

Immediately below each article is a list of recently submitted articles in the same category. If the reader of your current article didn’t find what they were looking for and they didn’t click on your resource box links, the next most likely click they are going to make is the next most recent article from the same category.

If you submitted two articles at a time and we approved them one after the other, your most valued reader has a high chance of reading your 2nd article next giving you two chances to hook them for a click to your URL in your resource box.

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Albert Hallado interviews Christopher Knight

EzineArticles expert Albert Hallado of Las Vegas (President/CEO of NetbizReview.com) asked me to do an interview about EzineArticles.

…Why the site works, who some of my mentors are, what some of the largest threats facing netpreneurs in the near future are and lastly, tips for those who are starting out with their own online business.

[Read The Full Interview]

Wanted: More Professional Author Photos

We need a handful of EzineArticles authors who have an existing library of professional author photos or images (example one, example two) to test a new feature we added today. [An Example using my EzineArticles Account as a Test]

You can upload (12) professional photos that can be viewed through your extended biography.

  • Photos must be .jpg or .jpeg file.
  • File size must be Less than 300k
  • Images should be at least 480×600 pixels (480px wide by 600px high) but no more than 960×1200 pixels (960px wide by 1200px high) .
  • You can upload up to 12 professional images.

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Gail Leino – Author Spotlight

“Mrs. Party” and EzineArticles Expert Gail Leino is our Author Spotlight of the day for leading the highest female author submissions for July 2006 month-to-date (86 so far).

Here’s what I really like about Gail’s articles: She is leveraging locality-based themes to attract traffic from qualified visitors searching for things relating to her area of expertise that are also connected to a specific geographical location or area. (see a related article of mine on leveraging “locality-based article writing/marketing“)

So now you know her strategy, but she even further leverages this by going DEEP (leveraging that long-tail) when you visit her websites. This depth tells me there will be many thousands of articles to follow as Gail works her locality based long-tail article writing system. I should note here that I have not asked Gail if she has an actual system or not as this is just my perception.

In addition, she is also showing some holiday-themed smarts by submitting a “Labor Day” article this month with enough advance time to get indexed by the major search engines to be found when Labor Day comes in a few months. Click here to give the rest of her articles a review.

One last trivia female-expert-author factoid: Carrier Reeder is in the #1 position for most articles submitted in 2006 by (female gender) with 547 articles year-to-date. Gail’s 334 total articles (as of this blog entry) show’s that she’s hot on the trail!

EzineArticles Newsletter

Today I was giving advice in my Ezine-Tips column about the importance of having or testing an image of your ezine if you want to increase your visitor-to-new-subscriber conversion rate… and then realized I hadn’t walked my talk…

So, after 6+ years, we now have a pretty visual picture to represent the official EzineArticles newsletter. I’d call it an “ezine” but then it’d be the “EzineArticles Ezine” and that’s just a bit confusing even to this nerd.

If you have an ezine or actual email newsletter and you don’t have an image that represents the packaging of your ezine; you may want to test this strategy. If it helps sell more confidence or shows you’ve got your act together, it can’t hurt. Test and find out.

If you’re reading this and you’re not on the EzineArticles periodic/weekly newsletter, mostly I send tips, secrets and insider strategies or case-studies designed to further help you further your article writing and marketing results. Go here to subscribe.

In the coming months, I expect to introduce you to more of the EzineArticles team members as this project is becoming less of “me” and more of “we” lately. :-)

Blind Authors, Blind Users

This week, several incoming emails to us have asked us to make our site more friendly for blind users (one of them referred to themself as “unsighted” instead of blind) who are using screen readers to use our site.

I noticed many of the large players (Google, AOL, Yahoo improve service for the blind) have begun making their sites more accessible… and this is no small task for richly-developed web 2.0 featuresets.

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8 Year Article Power

Today I received a request from an advertising firm that assembles the newsletter for American Express merchants — to reprint an article I wrote back in May 19th, 1998 called, Top 7 Quick Strategies To Attract NEW Customers NOW

Sheepishly, I feel a bit embarrassed. You see, back in 1998 I had created Top7Business.com to get better at writing articles… so technically, the 130+ articles I wrote for that site back then were from me when I was just a newbie writer, filled with many grammar and sentence structure mistakes.

I’m sharing this story today as SOCIAL PROOF that article writing & marketing is timeless and that you can expect to get traffic from your articles spanning many years into the future! Even high-profile publishers (in my case today, American Express) will pickup your content and continue to help build traffic and interest for you and your business by introducing your expertise to their clients…and by doing so, they indirectly endorse you by their inclusion of your article in their newsletter. THIS ROCKS!

ArticlesThatSell on Squidoo

EzineArticles expert author Bonnie Jo Davis recently updated her Squidoo lens and it’s worth a visit: ArticlesThatSell

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