To Make Money, Be Findable

Every day now, some Managing or Associate Editor wants to get in touch with one of our authors to interview them, invite them to get more exposure via media outlet (think radio, tv, newspapers, print media)… and then they get mad at us.

Guess why? Because our privacy policy does not allow us to disclose any private membership information, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.

So, today’s Article Writing Lesson: To make money from your articles, BE FINDABLE.

Here’s how:

1) Include your website URL in your RESOURCE BOX. You would think this is such an obvious “duh”, but many authors don’t include their URL.

2) If you do include your URL in your RESOURCE BOX, then be smart enough to have a CONTACT US link of some kind on your website so that anyone new to your website can instantly figure out how to contact you within 2-3 seconds.

3) List your PHONE NUMBER on your website.

4) You could list your phone number in your articles, but I would highly recommend NOT doing that. Articles that are syndicated are timeless; whereas your phone number may change decade to decade. Same goes for your email address.

Many of these deadline-driven editors have even resorted to snail mailing us and leaving us voice mails. I don’t blame them, but if any of our authors want to get a higher yield from their articles in the form of additional media exposure: BE FINDABLE. :)


Lance Winslow writes:

Well, I suppose if your goal is to be famous that is true. But remember Bill Gates did not do any interviews or only a couple for nearly a decade and he seemed to have done okay. And on another note having been in the news all my life, 100s of interviews in so many publications in all media TV, Radio, Print, etc. and I found it sometimes distracting to my core business; but I cannot deny that the free publicity I have received had seriously helped propel my business to incredible heights and helped our franchisees achieve greater income;

As long as the interview actually is targeted to your audience and target market then indeed it is worthy of your time. And for an online author or a writer Free Publicity is a major plus indeed. Get all you can, but stay focused on your writing too. It is amazing how a couple of interviews a day can take up most of your day.

So, get publicity if you Need it, have something to tell the world or believe it can boost your efforts and stay focused and organized so you do not let it affect your writing, that is my advice to online article authors. Any good author or writer will attract popular media if you focus on your writing quality and post your articles online at .

I just truly wish this website were available when I was fully engaged in my company back then; that is to say what a resource this is and so often some writers cannot see it; it works. Those are my thoughts today on this most excellent topic especially after reading Jeanette Joy Fishers’s post on Professional Writers and Amateur Authors and then reading her website;

I mean wow, indeed she has totally maximized the EzineArticles Website. And to this point, I would certainly like to hear all the success stories of online article authors and the publicity they have attracted here. I am glad you posted this article today, because I was thinking about this subject all last night after reading Jeanette’s posting. I think it hit a cord with my business experience, observations and accumulated knowledge over the years and Chris, you are right on; on this topic indeed.

Personally myself, I am trying to stay away from the lime light for awhile, but I am retired so this is a totally different situation, for those who are fully engaged, Chris is totally correct.

Comment provided June 26, 2006 at 1:11 PM


Maitiu MacCabe writes:

True for you Chris!

Being findable and having my URL visible in all submissions has more than doubled my hit rate in only four months.

Wrm Rgads,


Comment provided June 27, 2006 at 5:46 AM


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