Don Crowther on Marketing Photo Choices

A friend that I respect a great deal had an interesting blog entry that I wanted to share with our authors tonight: Tips For Using People Photos That Get Results

The one take-away that I got from Don’s article is the importance of looking INTO the camera because eyes starring at your reader usually strikes more intensity or emotion than if you look off into the distance.


Lance Winslow writes:

Well looking into the camera could be one possible idea, yet Charisma also teaches us to be approachable and staring at someone in some cultures offends too? And if you are more approachable and less intimidating you may also find this to your advantage. Well this is what other side of the argument would state. From a human psychology standpoint. Too dominating and you will exclude some types of personalities and it also may depend on the subject matter too and the reason for the article. I would not say that I personally believe this is the best bet in all cases.

In fact maybe a combination of this might also be considered, such as a slight looking away of the camera with a glance of acknowledgement of the reader. In other words the reader is a friend and you look up or back because you now see them and are very much aware of their pressence. I had considered this when digging thru which photo to use. I think you need to put thought into how you present yourself. It you jump at people with a full on HELLO shot that may not be good for all circumstances and there is something to be said in Charisma approachability and the human mind. Humans are social animals. So, perhaps there should be more consideration if you plan on using a photo to show that you are in fact a real person.

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Pamela Beers writes:

Just to piggyback what Lance said: A simple, natural looking photo extends a feeling of warmth toward the reader/potential customer. No glamour shots please.

I like seeing photos with content. Makes text more real, connecting me to writer.

For those of you who celebrate the 4th: Happy 4th of July everyone!

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Lance Winslow writes:

Dear Ezine Article Reader,

First I want to say that personally please do not take this comment as an ego maniac, know-it-all or a super star of advertising, as this is not my intention at all. However, I just happen to know a lot about this subject and not just from school and my stint as an advertising representative for an General Aviation Newspaper, the largest of its kind in the World at the time (formerly in the aviation business; ).

Now then, I have re-read this article by Don Crowther and analyzed it completely from top to bottom. I cannot find one thing wrong with it at all. Only more I would add to it, but where would you stop? I mean you could write a PhD dissertation on the subject and 1000s have already meaning this subject could be 175,000 pages and at least 25 excellent Advertising Text Books with 10,000 case studies in all Industries and sub-sectors. But to Don’s credit he has been able to summarize this quite nicely into a small article.

The future of these psychological truths will be evident also in Artificial Intelligent Robot Androids mimicking human behavior and adjusting to personalities and thus a whole new set of research papers are now re-affirming what Don is saying here at MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, Cal-Tech, Texas A & M, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech and so many other schools. A recent study from the University of Riverside in California not only confirms Don’s article, but says the exact same thing, with all the empirical proof which cannot be put into his small and tight well-written article.

When Chris put up the pictures on this site and allowed them to be transferred with the articles, he did all the online article authors here a huge favor and you can take this advantage and supercharge it by taking Don’s advice here. I hope you will all see the extreme value in all of this and take it from all the experts and listen to what works and why and boost your online article readership following and help your traffic as well.

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