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A year ago, the problem began when authors would link publicly from their website to one of the URL’s within their membership account… then Google or any search engine would index the authors private access to their EzineArticles membership account.

Then, over the year, authors started figuring out that they could bookmark their login and access their account via a bookedmarked URL. In addition, many times an author would pass a membership-only URL via email to someone not knowingly giving them full access to their account.

Because of all this, the new membership system that came out of beta today has a different security system that will prevent the previous insecure functionality.

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Ed Howes writes:

This is all news to me but I can see what a disaster it could be if an enemy had access to a writer’s articles. Security is better. Thank you for addressing a problem few of us likely knew existed.

Comment provided June 18, 2006 at 7:53 AM


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