…At The End of the Product Buying Cycle

Today’s Article Writing Key Insight: If you want a higher chance at getting your reader to click on your RESOURCE BOX links, then think about your ideal prospective customer…and contemplate what types of questions they have when they are at the END of the product buying cycle instead of the beginning.

Example: Let’s use TIVO for an example to illustrate this article writing principle:

A person mildly interested in what Tivo is might search for what a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is, what time or place shifting is all about, how Tivo is different than a VCR, etc.

A customer who is hot to buy a Tivo might search for how big of a hard drive the Tivo should have and how many hours of recording they will get for that hard drive storage availability, does it have dual-tuners, is it HD ready?, etc.

See the critical distinction between the two types of readers of your TIVO articles?

Writing your articles to address your ideal prospect or current customers at the END OF THE PRODUCT BUYING CYCLE works more effectively because the reader has a higher vested interest instead of a casual interest.

They are ENGAGED.

Engaged readers CLICK on things, such as your RESOURCE BOX links.

Ask yourself this question: Where in the product buying cycle (the steps between a person being interested in your product or service and actually making the purchase) do you write your articles for?

Have you tried this and how has it worked for you and your niche?

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