Don Crowther on Marketing Photo Choices

A friend that I respect a great deal had an interesting blog entry that I wanted to share with our authors tonight: Tips For Using People Photos That Get Results

The one take-away that I got from Don’s article is the importance of looking INTO the camera because eyes starring at your reader usually strikes more intensity or emotion than if you look off into the distance.

Author Photos With Prop?

Friday’s EzineArticles blog treat for you is a quick peak into EzineArticles expert authors who have integrated their expertise into their author photo. Out of 27,621 unique authors, 2,195 have uploaded photos so far (8%).

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Gregg Gillies – Author Spotlight

Today’s author spotlight is EzineArticles expert author, Gregg Gillies.

Gregg Gillies is the author of “From Fat to Fit…Fast!” and “The Skinny Guy’s Guide to Building Mass Fast!” as well as the owner of

What makes his articles great is that he writes from personal experience & expertise… and his author photo proves it. I always like it when an authors photo matches their area of expertise instead of the same typical professional photo (not that there is anything wrong with that).

At my local gym they brought in a consultant full-time to help them drive membership sales. He works in a suit or high-end business dress all day, everyday. What a complete knob he is. If he wants to relate to fitness seekers, he should dress for the role… just like authors who have an opportunity to use an author photo that ENHANCES their credibility, such as how Gregg uses. Go Here To Read Gregg’s Articles

Using Article Content To Drive Affilate Revenues

Sometimes folks think I’m against using articles to drive affiliate program revenues because EzineArticles doesn’t allow affiliate links in articles per section 3 of the editorial guidelines.

The reality is that every affiliate program manager should designate at least 20, if not 50-250 articles that they make available for their affiliates to use the resource box to include their affiliate link.

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To Make Money, Be Findable

Every day now, some Managing or Associate Editor wants to get in touch with one of our authors to interview them, invite them to get more exposure via media outlet (think radio, tv, newspapers, print media)… and then they get mad at us.

Guess why? Because our privacy policy does not allow us to disclose any private membership information, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.

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Article Writing Cadence

Today, I biked 56 miles non-stop as part of a half-ironman triathlon relay team.

I don’t know my official time yet, but my GPS watch said a little over 3 hours. It was my fastest time ever!

…well, actually, it was the first and only time I’ve ever gone 56 miles without stopping as my new bike only has 156 miles on it. Hey, ya gotta start somewhere. The course had many hills and a total of 1600 feet of climb with my top speed only being 38.1 MPH.

On my bike, I had a Garman Forerunner 201 adapted to help give me data during the race. My bike computer gave me CADENCE (how many RPM my feet are pedaling with a target of 90 RPM) and MPH while I used the Garman GPS for DISTANCE, TIME ELAPSED and PACE (in per minute mile). Since it was a relay and I didn’t have to swim or run 13 miles after my bike, I wanted to be sure that I burned everything out and left nothing behind at the end of the cycling event.

Interestingly enough, if I slowed by cadence down to less than 50 or 60 RPM, I burned more muscle fibers out than if I kept it up higher in the 80-95+ range. A friend told me that Lance never bikes below 100 RPM for his cadence rate.

This is similar to article writing in that once you get cranking at a high-speed of output, you naturally can produce more than if you stop and start or run at a low rate of words per hour. I know if I’m writing slow, that I’m most likely only going to crank out a single article in a sitting vs. cranking it up a notch, not worrying about perfection, and all of a sudden the race is over and I have 4-7 new articles written… or in Winslow’s case, he’ll have 30 articles written in the same time.

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More Javascript Coolstuff

Thanks to a request (See Comment #56) from EzineArticles expert Dave Navarro, when you submit a new article –and if you have Javascript enabled for your browser (most hip cats do), our system will show you the top most recent categories that you selected so that you can click on them and instantly have chosen your article category of choice for your next article.

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New Article Email Alerts

Every day at 2pm CST USA time, emails are released to the 222 categories of EzineArticles for over 10k+ permission-based email members (presumably publishers looking for articles or authors looking for new article topic ideas) who signed up from our subscription page.

This week, we rolled out a new feature that extends invitations to our readership to join the new article email alerts by the addition of a subscription box in the left navigation (bottom) of the article and category view for each category.

Example: The loans sub-category has the subscription box in the left navigation and each article (example) has the subscription box in the left nav.

The idea was not to intrude on the reader and to leverage virtual real-estate to do a better job selling for us. In this case, growing our permission-based email lists will help drive more traffic to your articles where we both win.

I know we could grow these lists 25-50% faster with java hover ads, but the last thing I want to see on an article is a pop up…

What do you think of this and any recommendations for how we could enhance the email alert subscription box for each category?

7,000 Articles

Some competitors don’t even have 7,000 articles total with all of their authors combined, but if you take a peak at the expert author listings today, you’ll find Lance Winslow has submitted his 7,000th article today.

His secret? He’s addicted. ;-) Whether you agree with some of his controversial subjects or not, let’s give him an ‘attaboy’ today for a new record of 7,000 original articles.

Articles With Most Comments

Today our dev team enhanced the visual look of comments left on any of the articles on this site…er, so they match the same format as this blog. I wanted to show you an example of what the new visual layout looks like, but realized we didn’t have any reports that showed which articles have the MOST comments on them…until now:

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