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Yesterday for 2 hours we had a private EzineArticles Town Hall teleconference about which features our authors liked or disliked, which ones they want to see added, etc. We took about 7 pages of notes and appreciated everyone who attended.

Two things I can share from the event:

1) Even our most engaged authors are not fully educated on everything that we can or are doing for them now. Many times an author would make a suggestion and we’d show them that the feature they are asking for already exists. This tells me that we need to do more author education.

2) That the greater good that comes from increasing distribution of articles still far out weighs the negatives of those who abuse reprint rights / rules. I had made the suggestion that we should try to control or lessen the reprint rights in an effort to get a grip on the distribution so that only highly relevant sites could reprint relevant articles instead of crap sites reprinting quality articles, but the consensus is that authors are getting more value from increased distribution than the risk of bad-reputation sites using the content with or without proper attribution.

Some asked me privately if this event was worth it to us to host or not…(because it was not a teleclass, but rather an interactive teleconference focused on Q&A only about features & benefits discussion) and when I went to bed last night, I realized that among the many insights gained from the town hall conference –> we reached a pivot point distinction from the call that will make an incredible difference over the next 2 years for everyone involved in this project.

If you were part of this small town hall meeting (less than 100 in attendance), thanks for being part of this event!

UPDATED: Read what Paulette Ensign wrote in her blog: Asking Your Customers to Be Your Focus Group


Ed Howes writes:

Chris, it sounds like those two hours and the others to make it happen were well spent. A special new members section would be a plus for all. As an internet newbie I have discovered many benefits of EzineArticles membership by accident. Like many others, I was focused on submitting my content here and elsewhere. It was at least 3 months before I began discriminating with submissions. It was only when I checked your bio, I realized your articles should have been the first I read on site or from site. I have no doubt the vast majority of MEMBERS have yet to discover even half what I have because of the focus on numbers and personal web site traffic. But I, for one, am very excited to learn about what you are willing to share.

Comment provided May 3, 2006 at 11:13 AM


Dina Giolitto writes:

Dear Chris,

I am a huge admirer of your and your team because of the noble and diplomatic way you run your author community. You make me want to shut down my business for six months and write a book on internet business ethics with you guys as the model prototype.

In Point 1, you said: “This tells me that we need to do more author education.” The web is a funny place – the information is often right there but you just have to know where to look. Those who “tune in and turn on” to will never have a question as to how things work or what the proper protocol is. The whole free article enterprise nature of this site puts the ownes on the author, because there is nothing here that you haven’t already covered.

So, I think the responsibility to do the right thing lies with the author, as you’ve already done your part.

Those to whom things are not clear would do well to sign up for your ezine and start reading the friendly, upbeat and informative emails you guys send throughout the month. As Ed Howes recently suggested, they can peruse the blog including “back issues.” As time allows, why not even go on an EzineArticles deep-reading session? Just sit back, relax, and start clicking links to learn more. It’s all there… just click the links. All of them.

Speaking of authors tuning in… I regret flaking out on the Town Hall because I suspected you’d make it terrific and now as I read this after post, it’s clear that you did.

Thanks for making it so easy for us internet authors to get our names out there.

Your fan,


Comment provided May 3, 2006 at 6:38 PM


Michael Russell writes:

I have had published over 1,000 articles here and must confess I STILL keep finding new ‘stuff’

EzineArticles is still leaps and bounds ahead of the ‘competition’ in my opinion – keep up the good work folks….

Comment provided May 3, 2006 at 8:19 PM


Lance Winslow writes:

I was unable to attend this meeting due to conflict, but I am still kicking everyone’s butt. I have a question is 30,300 a good number for the number of Ezine Editor captures? Is 5500 a good number of articles? Is 1,465,555 a good number of article views? I hesitate slightly to take advice because, I believe this game is about numbers. In other words since I am destroying the stats of everyone here and I am not a writer, I wonder what advice would be worthy. Just write lots of articles and then secondly after you do that, then work on these other things you might have mentioned in the home town meeting.

Comment provided May 4, 2006 at 4:51 PM


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