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Ever wonder how many of our authors find us? It’s thanks to thousands of loyal members and fans who promote on their blog, ezine, forums, and personal recommendations. Here’s a list of the most recent top referral sources (the yellow star indicates that they are an EzineArticles author also):

Mike Litman’s Success CoachingMichael Cheney Crea8asite forumsDigitalPoint forumsBrian Clark’s CopyBlogger Matt Bacak Derek Gehl of MarketingTips.commarketingprofs.comJoel Comm Jim DanielsJim EdwardsJoan Stewart, Publicity Hound Ali Brown, EzineQueen Dan Janal, PR LeadsBrad Callen Yanik Silver’s conference Jason Potash’s ArticleAnnouncer John Reese Newsletter Jeff Mulligan, CB Mall Carl Galetti

The LARGER font sized names in the above referral cloud had a higher proportionate level of referrals.

If your name wasn’t on the above list, but you’ve referred your friends and/or members to us, know that we appreciate every single referral. The above list had a threshold of approximately 5 or more referrals that mentioned the above names as the source of how they heard about us over the past 2 months. Perhaps in a few more months, your name could be on the above list. :-)


Rascal writes:

Hey Chris :)

When we consider how very much that you have done for us writers & authors, how without your artical bank ~ most of us would be unknowns jockeying for recognitionin the unchartered cyber~space ~ and the attempting to gain some kind of a rank with search engines, why wouldn’t we want to refer others to share your blessing?

Since 1st finding your cyber~vehicle, just over one year ago, and I personally have been so enriched :)

Those who haven’t already, may want to join us on MySpace via this link also?

~Rubit “Out there so it shines”~


Comment provided May 16, 2006 at 10:31 AM


Ed Howes writes:

Hey Chris,

While we like to think the best advertising, word of mouth, is free, it is in fact earned. So congratulations on your advertising investment which will pay off many times over. This is genuine market leverage. The daily author totals tell the story and I check them nearly every day and smile. :-) Soon we will all sell ebooks: “How to Build a Successful Article Directory” to start ups and wannabes. Ebook content? Model EzineArticles. Easy Money.

Comment provided May 16, 2006 at 11:36 AM


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