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In the last 10 days, the search engines started including RSS feeds in their regular search results. At first, I was upset because I thought how foolish the search engines are to deliver a code-looking XML file to a mass consumer user who clicks on a search result only to find XML code garbage. It was then that I discovered that I was the foolish one. Check out the RSS paradigm-shift innovation we made this week with our XML Files:

Our EzineArticles RSS / XML feeds are now human viewable friendly thanks to some fancy stylesheet rendering work from our dev team.


This change will have no effect on anyone using our RSS feeds and the end result is that they are able to attract more traffic for each of our authors without confusing the masses with XML code they don’t need to see any more.

Curious: Do you use any of our RSS feeds? If so, how are you using them?

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Ed Howes writes:

I don’t use RSS Feeds yet because I did not think I wanted a regular stream of any particular content coming to my website or desktop. However, I began an article collection in two categories over the past month and it has been tedious deciding what to read on site and what to copy to my desktop. Because of your suggestion and the ability to view as text documents I may be using RSS feeds very soon. If I then want to comment and or rate an article, I’ll come to the site and do so. Could be a great timesaver, if I ever get the time to do the reading itself.:-)

Comment provided May 17, 2006 at 3:20 PM


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