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In the new Beta version of our members interface, there is a brand new next-generation WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that attemps to solve the reason why we shut down and tossed the original WYSIWYG editor that we used back in 2004. And… you’ll be able to shut it off or turn it on with your new ACCOUNT PREFERENCES option.

The real issue with the WYSIWYG editors is that they do not handle “copy & paste” dumps from Microsoft Word without including a vomitload of hidden garbage Microsoft baggage code that bloats up the database with needless, pointless and irritatingly obnoxious …not to mention useless code that our authors are completely unaware that they are sending us when they paste from MS Word into the WYSIWYG interface.

Some suggestions for how to interact with the new WYSIWYG article submission editor option:

o) If you primarily copy and paste from MS Word, then go into your ACCOUNT MANAGER, ACCOUNT PREFERENCES, and SHUT OFF the default WYSIWYG editor. Your article submission experience will then be near identical to the current membership interface (ie: without any WYSIWYG editor).

o) If you copy and paste from a true text editor (EditPlus, NotePad, NoteTab, UltraEdit, etc) or you create your article in our WYSIWYG editor, then the default WYSIWYG editor and you are going to get along just fine. :-) After you copy and paste the raw text from your true text editor, you’ll be able to use the WYSIWYG editor to add font attributes with ease!

o) If you primarily use a true text editor, but every once in a while you use MS Word (we’ll forgive you because we use it too on the first pass for any new article)… you can use the new “PASTE FROM WORD” icon that is part of the new WYSIWYG editor. This gives you the BEST of BOTH worlds.

Example of where you can find the PASTE FROM WORD icon:

By using the PASTE FROM WORD option, you won’t be pasting accidental MS Word hidden code bloat that will get your article rejected. Personally, I wish we could find a way to allow blatant pastes from MS Word directly into the WYSIWYG editor and have our software figure out a way to eliminate all of the hidden garbage code that is included with your MS Word pastes, but that complex solution will have to wait for the next generation of WYSIWYG editors.

o) If you are among the handful of members who use form tools to help you automate your article submissions, you will absolutely want to go into ACCOUNT MANAGER, ACCOUNT PREFERENCES, and SHUT OFF the default WYSIWYG editor.

Most likely we’ll be monitoring author feedback and I hope we don’t have to change the default to the old (or current) text editor/submission box…but if too many authors revolt on the quarks of the WYSIWYG editor, we’ll end up making it an OPTION rather than the STANDARD editor for new authors.

Open to your thoughts on the WYSIWYG editor experience that is included in our Beta interface?


Lance Winslow writes:

This is very good actually, you really did a great job on it and the ease at which we can Bold, underline, Italisize, all excellent, this is very very very good. I am impressed, thank you, Lance

Comment provided June 1, 2006 at 5:39 AM


M Seka writes:

This editor is horrible.

The final article looks nothing like what gets approved or published.
Everything gets stripped out of it.

Also, you can’t fix line spacing as it has a mind of it’s own.

This is the computer age and you should be able to do anything with Software but you would not believe the amount of issues you come across in trying to print a book, article, or even a description.

It’s super frustrating. Even Word has some quirks that drive you insane.

Comment provided April 1, 2014 at 3:06 PM


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