New WYSIWYG Editor

In the new Beta version of our members interface, there is a brand new next-generation WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that attemps to solve the reason why we shut down and tossed the original WYSIWYG editor that we used back in 2004. And… you’ll be able to shut it off or turn it on with your new ACCOUNT PREFERENCES option.
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Tools For Power Members

Thought I’d share what’s on our minds today with respect to power users of our system… ie: The top 250 authors with more than 100 articles listed. It’s our intention that as soon as the beta interface is made live in a few weeks as standard for everyone that we will begin adding advanced tools to help power users to slice through the membership interface faster and be able to do more and extract more value in less time from the process. (Continue Reading…)

Beta Transition Time Table

It’s becoming difficult to fix problems in the old members.ezinearticles system when we’ve halted development on it a month ago… therefore, without any major problems over the next two weeks of further testing, we’ll begin a transition time-table starting the week of June 12th. If you’re a member, watch for private emails alerting you to the upcoming modifications / improvements along with the transition time-table. If you still haven’t checked out the future of our interface, log in with your usual username & password here:

Kevin Stirtz’s Press Release

In a recent press release this month by EzineArticles expert author Kevin Stirtz, he said: “Kevin Stirtz, a professional speaker and author based in Minneapolis, was named to the Top 10 List of Marketing Authors for the website today.”

So I started typing off a private email to Kevin to ask him to take it down as we didn’t issue any such award or recognition, but it was then that I realized that he saw his 37 marketing articles listed in the top 10 authors BY ARTICLE QUANTITY listed here: Top Authors in Business:Marketing

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Blog Stats

Did I mention that I love WordPress yet? Check out the aggregate blog stats from a new stats plugin that our dev team adapted today. One of the cool features is the ability to view all of the comments left by the over 600 unique commentors to this blog project.

Articles That Sell blog

I’ve mentioned Bonnie Jo Davis‘s blog before, but recently she has upped her posting frequency and it’s worth a visit to see what she has to say from an article submission service provider viewpoint: ArticlesThatSell

Does It Take Time For An Author To Get A Following?

Newbie Platinum EzineArticles expert author Keith writes to us this week, “I’m a relative newbie to EzineArticles and want to make the most out of the experience by drawing as many people to my websites as possible…that is the normal qwest by we authors right? Well, I’ve submitted 14 articles so far, had a large number of visitors, but a small number of publishers request my work. So, the question that is screaming at me is: “Why don’t they take my articles?””

He further writes, “Is this a normal process in getting accepted? Does it take writers a while to build up to a following? Am I writing about topics that aren’t popular? Of the 600+ publishers that have visited my work so far only 9 have been taken…isn’t that an extremely low number? How do I raise that number? Are my articles too short ( 350-550 ) or too long ( 1000+ )? What can I do to make my work more attractive?”

Let’s dispell some misconceptions today for Keith and many new authors:

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Article Submission-Management Beta

We’re looking for feedback on a beta release of our member article & profile management software. If you’re willing to provide feedback or comments on things we should fix or move around within the new interface, you’re welcome to login with your current username and password:

Ann Zuccardy – Author Spotlight

I’ve been meaning to mention EzineArticles Expert Author Ann Zuccardy for almost a year now…

It was thanks to Dina’s AMM (Article Marketing Mania) Ryze group that I learned more about Ann.

What earns Ann the “Author Spotlight” of the week is her consistency as an article writer and her colorful/positive and upbeat tone within her articles. According to her blog, she calls her writing style, “a dash of juicy food commentary, sprinkled with a dollop of compassionate irreverence by Ann Zuccardy…”

Recently I was talking to one of the other founders of the “Wild Women Entrepreneurs” and who did I find as I was scrolling down the short-list of founders? Yep, Ann Zuccardy.

Zuccardy as an author is very reflective of many of the women authors within our site…Entreprenurial, risk-taking, and always looking for ways to do what she/they love to do while supporting herself/themselves. When Ann’s daughter was a toddler in 1996 she started Vermont Shortbread Company, a choice that allowed her to stay at home with her daughter but at the same time gave her a means to support herself while doing something she loved. Be sure to check out her recent articles.

Brad Callen’s Article Marketing Thoughts

Check out EzineArticles expert Brad Callen‘s Article Marketing thoughts here or in PDF form.

I don’t personally know Brad, but he makes a “case for adopting a personal approach to article marketing” that I agree with… meaning, don’t blindly blow your articles to the wind, but rather have a syndication strategy that favors large sites for the traffic and themed sites for the quality of the link / traffic.

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