April Update

EzineArticles Fans & Authors: Thought I’d give you a quick update as we’ve been quiet in the last week due to much behind-the-scenes development and a bit of business travel mixed in.

This month, our staff size is expanding by 25% including new personnel in our programming team and editor group. We’ve been frustrated with not being able to execute the 30-50 projects that are on our whiteboard on any given day and adding another programmer should help us execute a little faster.

In addition to new full time team members, we’ve also added yet another dedicated server that we’re expecting will make article submissions faster due to another complete rewrite in the way we manage the back-office of this site. Expect just a tad of inaccessibility and then the submission and approval process should dramatically improve (that’s the goal and end-outcome we’re always after).

March select stats: 8,676 permission-based email members were sent 168,645 emails promoting our authors best articles in 222 different categories. 14,708 new articles were accepted last month and we had 1,745,736 unique visitors (2,704,276 total visits including 958,540 repeat visitors (pretty sticky, eh?)). This is only a rough guess, but I believe we sent about 132,000 referrals to our authors websites, with the top 14% of our Platinum authors getting the most traffic because they have more articles represented than basic level members.

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Ed Howes writes:

A few weeks back I had about 80 publisher pickups on each of 3 articles when my previous average was about 3 per article. What’s up with the big numbers on 3 articles?

Comment provided April 24, 2006 at 1:10 AM


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